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So I didn't ride the FJ today...

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It was way too nice today to not go for a ride, but instead of taking the FJ-09, I dusted off my old Aprilia Mille R and put about 100 miles on the clock.  Typical Italian:  It's loud, uncomfortable, only marginally reliable, and requires absolute commitment.   That said, it still makes me smile - when I'm not wincing in pain - every time I ride it. 
The big thing I realized today is what an amazingly competent platform the FJ-09 provides.  At anything like a sane pace on the street, my FJ (with Ohlins shock, forks, and good tires) is easier to ride and much more forgiving than the Mille.  The Aprilia was my track bike for several years as a track day instructor, and at the racetrack it was really in it's element.  But, even considering my slightly masochistic streak in selecting motorcycles, I have to admit that it's a miserable street bike.  As a 2000 model, I realize it's a dinosaur in terms of modern sport bike technology, but that doesn't change the fact the FJ is just so good at so many things. 
Check out the difference in peg and bar heights between the two bikes!  No wonder the FJ is my choice for 95% of my riding.
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Could not agree more!
I had an Aprilia Tuono last year (maybe slightly better for the street because of the seating position?) The Gen 2...
Awesome thing to ride.. but like you say, very full on. Difficult to ride slowly and a pain in the arse in town. All it wanted to do was pop a wheelie and find its way past 100mph. Which i loved... but i did worry for my licence.
Jumped on the Tracer and it was like a sensible breathe of fresh air. Easy to ride at any speed, quick enough for the road n just so much easier. I can even ride it at normal speeds... sometimes.
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