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SW Colorado - New Owner


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Been thinking about a new ride for a while, used to ride years ago and sorely miss the wind in what's left of the hair ( as much as can w/ a full face on ) so decided was time to get serious about it. Enrolled in a MSF safety class and had a great time learning all of the bad habits I had and how to overcome them and be a better rider. 
Continued to think about it, and when I saw the FJ09 knew damn... there she was. Ended up driving to Denver to talk w/ the only dealers w/in 300 miles that had one in stock to which during the negotiations for $ didn't go well for me being that there was a great deal of interest in them while I was there. Heck, we were sitting in front of a window which had both bikes out front ( red & grey ) with a constant stream of ppl stopping by, throwing a leg over, asking other sales guys about them and so forth. Was quite a bit more than I'd have hoped for while sitting there talking about numbers. 
They sold the last 4 they had w/in a week of shipment, and said that there was quite a bit of calls and interest in them from those who were out to check 'em out. I didnt get a "screaming" deal, but they did back off the MSRP a bit, and not tack on those additional "fees" that a vast majority of places do. Heck, the red one that was sitting out next to the one I picked up, was being sold the same day that I was getting mine - so I really didnt expect to get a whole truckload of discounts to be honest. I think I ended up /w a fair deal for a new bike w/ solid interest and limited availability in the general area. 
Headed home, and the next morning was time to get 'er out of the truck - damn I need a set of ramps if its ever going to see the back end of the TRD again. 
And out on the maiden voyage - 
Just rolled the first 100 miles, and so far have to admit Im very impressed and can't wait to get out there again. 
Keep the shiny side up fellas and I'll see ya out there on the road. 
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Good Job Bud! New FJ owner here too in Col. S. Denver area. Just a plug to shoppers here in Colorado,,,, go see Steve Booth in Col. Springs , Co at Apex. I think one of the best Yamaha ( and other brand dealers in the state. ) When I shop around , I factor in every aspect of the "deal" possible. Anyway , yes, super bike ,,,I bought it for my wife as she will be a "newby" to the rider scene soon. In the meantime , I get to break it in and get a few farkles set up on it as days progress. Pushing 700 miles so far and she rides nice. Same goes for the bike,,,,. When this way , give a shout. Congrads once again!
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Thanks guys -
RMH - while we were there the wife was looking at a new bike as well, but not sure what she wants is a "smart choice" for a new rider. I happened across these the other day, and TBH for the price point they may just have something here.
For her she'd pull the storage, and ride it w/o. I think if remembering correctly I want to say these are ~ $3500 and have 250cc motors in 'em. 
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Here's their site for those who want to read about 'em: http://californiascooterco.com/csc_cyclone_rx-3.htm
Wow, I had never heard of them before. That little 250cc Adventure bike will sell like crazy, looks like a BMW.
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