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ebay supports, cortech 2.0 bags, givi tank lock

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So I had all this stuff for another bike and slapped it on the FJ. Here are my thoughts.
First piece of luggage I added was the givi 3d604 bag with the tank ring for our FJ's, which is the BF23. The ring goes on top of the filler cap, and the bag snaps to the ring. The 3d604 is now discontinued, replaced by the st602. the cheaper xs319 seems like a good option as well. Honestly, I feel there is plenty of room to go with a bigger bag without it getting in the way of anything. Pick your favorite :)
SW motech also makes a similar thing called bags connection. On the SW, you have to drill the bottom of the bag itself to mount the plate that attaches to the ring. Kinda weird, but gives you more adjustability as far as where the bag is going to sit on the tank (can position it forward and backward) The givi comes with the adapter already attached, and has no adjustment on my model (some of them may be adjustable, I don't remember). But that doesn't bother me, because it sits fine how it is.
Also seen in that pic is my 24l cortech super 2.0 tail bag. Unexapanded, it fits perfectly between the grab handles. I tied it to the factory hook thing, and it was perfect. It has enough room for an extra helmet shield, hoodie, extra pair of gloves, and still room for more. low profile so swinging a leg over is no problem, and I'm not the tallest at 5'8.
I purchased the ebay cosmo moto soft saddle bag supports. I already had the cortech super 2.0 bags so I wanted something to make those work.
I removed the stock plastic bar hook thing. The supports come with 2 sets of screws. One of the sets appears long enough to allow you to put the stock plastic piece on the outside of the racks, but I didn't see the point. I ended up using the factory screws for the bar hook thing to install the supports. The stock black bolts look much better than the supplied stainless bolts like the ones above, and they're the same length as the supplied bolts. There were no instructions supplied or torque specs. I just went to 15 ft lbs with a dab of loctite. They fit great, and they work. fine.
The cortech super 2.0 fit pretty good on the FJ with these supports. The bags are 18 liters each, expanding to 25. The tailbag clips to the saddlebags when you're running them. so the bar hook thing isn't needed or missed. I tied the front of the bags to the passenger peg (if you look close you can see), and the rear of the bags to the license plate bracket. Some people tie them to the turn signals. But I prefer the stress to be else where. Set up like this, the bags do not move/slide forward. 
I'm very pleased with everything listed. 
If anyone has questions on the 4 items, please ask. I'll add a few more pics later.
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Looks like a road trip is in order, you know, gotta make sure all of the new toys work properly... any excuse for a road trip.

***2015 Candy Red FJ-09***

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I really like Cortech bags.. I have that setup in a storage bin right now waiting on my future 2nd bike lol... I used them on my Versys, then the FJ, but then bought some hard cases so they went to storage.

'15 FJ-09 w/ lots of extras...

Fayetteville, GA, USA

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Looks like a road trip is in order, you know, gotta make sure all of the new toys work properly... any excuse for a road trip.
Going to deals gap possibly twice this summer, and super slabbin from stl to Cincy in a few weeks to get this thing registered.
You're right, any excuse for a road trip
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