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Best WA price for an extended warranty?


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Just wondering if anyone has found a good price for the YES coverage in WA, their looks to be good prices out of state but apparently we are not eligible. I would also like to know if people think it is worth it.
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Can't help you with the 1st question but as a guideline, $350-400 for the 48 month YES coverage seems about the average price.
Is it worth it? Good question, if you don't ever need to use it, most will say it's not worth it, then for those that have used it will say it is.
I lucked out and picked up an "almost new" '16 that the previous owner had purchased the YES, otherwise I most likely would have purchased the YES as it doesn't take much to recoup the cost with today's parts & labor costs.
It's a gamble either way, and a personal choice.
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