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Soupys kickstand question

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So last year I bought a set of soupys lowering links and the kickstand that goes with em. While on a trip over the weekend I noticed that the lower half of the kickstand was getting floppy. So I got down and saw that the screw holding everything together was about halfway out and I was about to lose the whole lower half of my kickstand. I went and tightened it up and while I was down there I noticed that there were two holes that don't have screws in them. Part of me says there were screws in them but I can't remember. Anyway if there is suppose to be screws in those holes would anybody happen to know what size they are? I tried going to soupys website to email them but for some reason there is no link for their email. Also has anybody that has a soupy kickstand ever had that lower half of the kickstand completely just crap out and bend on half? I like the whole high tech aluminum thing but man this thing makes me nervous. I keep having nightmares of somebody leaning too hard on the bike and the kickstand just snapping.
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