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Garmin Zumo 550 repair

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This past year the touch screen on my Zumo 550 was acting "wonky" and not responding properly to touch input.  I followed a link on ADVrider and purchased a "digitizer" screen on Ebay for cheap money and replaced it with some help from a "how to" on ADVrider and all was good for a while.
Eventually I was starting to have similar issues with the replacement digitizer.
I'll spare the details of a second attempt to replace the "digitizer/lcd screen" without success.
Anyway, I found a link on ADVrider to a repair service.
The guy was very prompt with his response to my questions, had very reasonable pricing and quick turn around.
In the process, I learned that our units have internal batteries that fail after a few years which cause the units to be very slow sometimes trying to get a satellite connection because it doesn't remember where it last was without the internal battery back-up.
Anyway, here is a link to this guys service company: http://www.palmdr.com/
The guys name is Chris Short.
Excellent service, reasonable prices and quick turn around.  Highly recommended.
Bill Hamilton
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