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Building a sporty commuter, several Mods


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Hi All,  So I bought my FJ 09 Aug 26.  Starting this thread to document the mods and progress.  During purchase I paid for heated grips and install.  I will get those installed during the 600 mile service.
Pics coming from my recent top case install.
Updated Equip list:
[ul type=disc][*]Heated grips - Yamaha (dealer install)[*]Top Case[*][span]    [/span]Givi V47NN 47ltr Monokey Top Case w/Carbon Fiber accent[*][span]    [/span]GIVI SR2122 Topcase Adapter Kit - Yamaha FJ-09 (2015+)[*][span]    [/span]Givi M7 Monokey Topcase Plate[*][span]    [/span]Givi E134S Backrest Pad for V47 Top Cases[*][span]    [/span]Admore Light kit for Givi 47L:  LEDV47-T-TS (CG)[*]Windshield[*][span]    [/span]MadStad 22 Clear windshield
[*]iPhone holder[*][span]    Cosmo Moto GPS Holder Ram Mount (2017 version)
[ul type=disc][*]RAM Mount:  RAM DBL SOCKET ARM BLK- RAM-B-201U-A  (Metal not composite)
[*]Ram Mount:  Universal X-Grip IV Large Phone
Future mods may include:
[ul type=disc][*]additional lights to help visibility at night
[*]New windshield - not yet sure on the KTM handguards[*]Mirror extenders[*]radiator guard
[*]Fender elininator[*]go-pro mount (maybe)[/ul]
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Top Case:  because I needed a solution for my laptop for work.  I also wanted a top case so I could get the admore light kit for extra visibility while riding.  The backrest is a bonus feature.  I had a nice tank bag on my previous ride (Kawasaki ZR-7s), which I liked, but I wanted to move the weght back and not have a tank bag anymore.  Also all the tank bag pics for FJ 09 did not look like anything I wanted to pursure.
Givi V47NN 47ltr Monokey Top Case w/Carbon Fiber accent
GIVI SR2122 Topcase Adapter Kit - Yamaha FJ-09 (2015+)
Givi M7 Monokey Topcase Plate
Givi E134S Backrest Pad for V47 Top Cases
Admore light kit LEDV47-T-TS
I ordered all Givi via Amazon and ordered Admore direct from Admore site.
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First step is to remove two hex bolts.  Of course both of them were torqued on way too tight.  One came off ok, but the other stripped.  I have to use heavy duty vice grips and a neighbor to get the stripped hex bolt off.  Long story short I installed the first Givi plate and used new bolts to replace the hex bolts.
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This morning I installed the Ad More light kit.
I started by reading this thread: https://fj-09.org/thread/2244/givi-47nn-top-case 
The instruction in that thread are a must read.  I printed the wiring pics from member  "washufiddyfo" along with the ad more instructions and went step by step.
Here I have removed the Red plates, and metallic inserts, and drilled my holes.
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The biggest PIMA for this MOD was removing the 3M sticky tape.  It seriously took over 30 minutes.  I had to get out some tweezers. 
In my kit, the sticky side was the same as the lights, so I decided to use the metallic insert and stick the lights so they poked thru the holes in the insert.  Everything lined up perfectly.
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Last step was to drill hole on bottom on v47 case for cable connection.  I really liked how Ad more included a drill bit, which to me is a sign of a high quality vendor.
I chose a location front left in the case for the hole.  This way it there was no chance for passenger to interfere with cable.  It also allowed for the most cable inside the case to run the interior cables.
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Yeah, I did a size test before I did any drilling.  I needed it to hold my modular Shoe helmet.  It also had to hold my laptop while riding (no worries).  I also hoped that It would hold a second helmet my kids sometimes use.
It does everything.  It can hold both Helmets.  I also fits my backpack with laptop nicely.  Very pleased and glad I went with 47L.
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iphone holder is next on the list.  I have an iphone 6 plus.  So I confirmed which RAM mount I need.
RAM phone mount  Part# RAM-HOL-UN10BU  (http://www.rammount.com/activity/motorcycle/wizard?step=2&cascade[device]=Phone&cascade[make]=Apple&cascade[model]=iPhone+6+Plus#wizard)
METAL:  RAM Short Double Socket Arm for B Size 1" Balls   Part# RAM-B-201U-A
My issue is that I realize I want to mount it above the instrument panel.  There is only 1 option I have found, which is the one that mounts between the windshield.  I understand the one with the logo cut out is the older version and had some vibratiojn issues.  The new one is solid and has no vibration issues.
30 Euro, Via Cosmo moto direct from Europe:  http://www.cosmo-accessories.com/online-store/yamaha/tracer-900/tracer-gps-holder-info.html
$40 via ebay:  http://www.ebay.com/itm/Original-Yamaha-FJ-09-MT-09-Tracer-GPS-Phone-Holder-CosmoMotoAccessories-/182165802553?
$53, via ebay with shipping:  http://www.ebay.com/itm/like/182165802553?chn=ps&dispItem=1
$26.55, via Amazone (older modle):  https://www.amazon.com/Phone-Holder-Bracket-Yamaha-2015-2016/dp/B01LPSLILU/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1504489047&sr=8-1&keywords=issyzone+fj+09
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I also hoped that It would hold a second helmet my kids sometimes use.  
None o' my biz, of course, and no diss intended, but I do hope that when on the back the cute kid would be wearing a lot more protective stuff than just the helmet.
Cute or not, he/ she wouldn't look too good if skinned from even a low-speed tumble.

Riding a fully-farkled 2019 MT-09 Tracer 900 GT from my bayside home in South East Queensland, Australia.   

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