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High pitched electrical whine near battery

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Finishing the install of my fender eliminator and with key on checking lights a hear this high pitch whine/buzz. Its not loud but there. Turn key off goes away. My neighbor builds these super small drones and it kind if sounded like that. With the seat on and riding I suspect I wont hear it, but its triggering my OCD. And seeming electrical in nature worries me.
Dont think i heard it previously. But often have music playing, this time I didnt. By ear i cant quite identify one spefic part, jist very close to battery.
Component installed: CustomLED tailight kit with suggested flasher relay. Aftermarket fender eliminator off ebat, the one everone recommends here. Battery tender trikle charger. None of these items specifically seem to be the source of thr buzz. Really seems like battery or very very close to it.
Want to attribute it to these new mods but they arr so basic and draw no more power than oem stuff.
Any thoughts?
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Mine does it too.. doesn't worry me. Something electrical. I don't think its the fuel pump because the fuel pump makes a much more distinct noise when you first turn the key when it's priming the line. Probably some type of capacitor or resistor.

'15 FJ-09 w/ lots of extras...

Fayetteville, GA, USA

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