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Hindle Evolution


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Good day everyone,
I just finished the install on a Hindle Evolution full system.
It is a beautiful exhaust... IMHO.
I plan on sending the ECU in for a flash at 2wheeldynoworks this winter.
I love it so far, but it is loud... like really loud!!
I think I will need to get the dB killer.
Here is a link to the video, enjoy!

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Is it quite a bit quieter with the DB Killer in?  I hope so.  My ears are ringing after each ride at the moment...
I have the Hindle with a VCyclenut flash.  I added the DB Killer but it's still a bit louder than I was hoping for.  Not intolerable by any means.  I've ridden for a couple of hours without it being bothersome.
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is it me or is Hindle the same as Brocks Performance? Only thing changed is the Legendary Alien Head Exhaust can ?, the header looks identical to Brocks Performance header for the FZ-09...
2012 wr250f - C-class 30+ age group
2015 fz-07- Hordpower Edition-80whp
2015 fj-09- Graves Exhaust w/Woolich tune by 2WDW @120whp
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