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Another DIY Seat Modification at $0 cost


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I decided to take a stab at a seat modification myself after reading on this forum and watching a youtube video. My issue is that the inside of my thighs get sore and aggravate my bottom as the day goes on. So being the toolmaker I am, I removed the original seat cover and marked the foam where the flat area of the seat makes an abrupt sharp turn into the side of the seat. This abrupt turn I think is what my problem is. So I took a 5" disc grinder with 80 grit soft pads and ground away the foam. this tubbing out of the thigh area is what I see done on the custom and aftermarket seat to take away the pinch points. Next I use a vibrating sander with 80 grit emery to smooth the ground foam. By feel I made all smooth transitions from the middle to the sides. The remaining middle are is only about 4" wide. Using the original seat cover I simple re-stapled the cover back on the base, With some foam removed the cover installs easy, with a bit extra vinyl to pull underneath. 
I did a 1 hour ride after completion (about 2 hours) and was please with the results (Short ride but its 38F here today). Will keep you posted as I get good weather to ride.
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Good job! If that simple adjustment fixes the issue then you will have saved yourself considerable money.
Even after getting a custom seat built, the area that you sanded down was the same spot that I had to come back and have re-shaped.

***2015 Candy Red FJ-09***

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First Ride report. After the modification above I find a big difference in riding comfort. I had a 2 hour ride yesterday and didn't squirm in the seat or need to stand at all. I am not a long distance rider, so getting off for a coffee or lunch every 2 hours is normal for me. I assume a custom seat would be better, but for $0 and 2 hours time it is definitely worth the investment for those on a budget.
I have a 1000 mile trip planned in Missouri and Arkansas mid April and will report back then.
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I am a member of the Michigan Sport Touring Riders MSTRiders.com. One of our yearly trips starts in Farmington Mo, travels to Mountain Home Ar, around Mountain Home for a day, then return to Farmington on a different route. This is my 4th time doing this trip and love the area. Check out our website for details.
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