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NEW FJ pilot in NH


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Just picked up a 2016 FJ from Craigslist of all places!
I am selling my wonderful ST 1300 and going light. Hoping the FJ brings as much joy my way as the Honda has.
Any other FJ folks out there from NH or Maine?
Let's ride!
1968 Triumph Bonneville 650
1971 Norton Commando Roadster
2002 Harley 1200 Sportster
2003 Honda ST 1300
2016 FJ 09
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Welcome to FJ-09 ownership.
I moved OVER to the FJ-09 two seasons ago after 120K miles on FJR's.  Never looked back!
Loved dropping 150 lbs bike weight.  Thought the drive chain might be a pain in the butt however my used FJ-09 came with an electronic Scottoiler.  I fill the oil reservoir every 750 miles and adjust the chain maybe 2 or 3 times between tire changes 10K and it is a no brainer.  I run the chain looser than the INCORRECT spec in the manual.  About 1 1/4" - 1 1/2" without me on bike (about 1" slack with me on the bike.)  I'll be changing out the stock chain (23K miles) in the next couple of weeks.  
My 2015 FJ-09 came with a taller windscreen, ECU flash and FJR bags.  I added a G-2 throttle cam, Hyperpro "lowering" shock spring and running lights.  I'm 5'3" and 135 lbs.  
I live 10 miles below the NH border in Chelmsford, MA (just below Nashua, NH) 
Where are you located?
I managed to put 850 miles on since Jan 1 but missed my usual target of 1K miles by April 1.  Crappy weather and a trip to Houston last week crimped my riding time this Spring.  
Enjoy the bike.  Let me know your location and I'll look you up.  (Always looking for an excuse to ride.)  
Bill Hamilton
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