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2017 FJ-09 Error Code 245


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So while installing a fender eliminator and replacing my 3week old back tire I was checking to make sure I wired the turn signals correctly. At some point one of the wires had grounded blowing the fuse located under the front right faring. Here's where it gets fun!  I had a check engine light... So I took it around town because when replacing a tire sometimes it will trip the ABS and Stall Codes. My engine light never went away. I took it to the dealer and had the codes read and he came back with error code 245. My bike runs exactly the same and all lighting works on the bike. He said its usually related to the ECU... So my question is why would it throw codes for ECU but my fj is still running perfectly fine. I don't really wana pay 99 bucks for them to go in deeper. I was hoping someone else in the world has run into this issue but the internet gods have not been kind to me. Has anyone had any experience with error code 245? If so what was the fix? Yamaha might not cover this under my warranty due to it being done while after market parts were being installed. I don't want to start to imagine the cost on a 2017 fj ECU... Any help with this issue will mean the world to me. 
Thanks in advance,
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No experience with this code but here is the information from service manual about this code.
code 245: engine stop detected
possible causes :
no gasoline
poorly adjusted throttle cable
poorly adjusted clutch cable
malfunction in the fuel injection system
dirty or worn spark plug
malfunction in the battery
malfunction in ECU
hope this helps
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probably just needs to be cleared...
And since it’s a ‘17 model, that option isn’t available through the DIAG menu, it seems the only way to clear it is through the dealer. 

***2015 Candy Red FJ-09***

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