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2015 FJ / Mosko

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Did a quick search for Mosko, not sure if there are members here who utilize their products.
I have a set of reckless 80's should it fit on a 15 FJ?
Anyone here purchase their tank bag? I'm going to miss the frunk on my nc700x
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I’m also over on AdvRider and feel I’ve posted and been here long enough to be able to now say: Welcome to the forum!
The FJ is certainly narrow enough and having no high mount hot exhaust to deal with is a bonus. I had a gen 2 reckless 80 on my WRX/R 250. While a bit big for the WR, I really liked the extra capacity so I didn’t have to cram fit gear and the beaver tail made quick access and gear stowage a breeze.
Three things come to mind. How much will they flop around without rack support underneath? Will the R80 wing attachment well nuts saw their way into the seat or plastics on rough/gravel roads? And how to protect the bike from grit abrasion where the R80 rests on body parts?
BTW, what’s your location?
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Anyone here purchase their tank bag?
I really like the look of their Nomad tank bag, but it only seems to attach with straps that go around the tank. If it clipped onto the fuel filler ring I would have bought it immediately.

Red 2015 Tracer, UK spec (well, it was until I started messing with it...)

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I'll test out the reckless 80's this weekend and put up pics. (Cool if I crosspost to adv forum? )
Btw I'm officially a part of the FJ family now. Signed all the paperwork last night.
My phone keeps trying to auto correct FJ-09 into "fun" 09. Best way to describe it.
Location is upper Midwest near the lakes.
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Thanks for the link and pics. You have an amazing looking bike really like it. Jealous ;)
The question I had was in regard to the reckless 80 rather than the scout panniers.
I made a thread with attached pics on advrider.
I'd like to ask you all the same questions.
I mounted 2 of 3 rear straps around the grab handles, and the 2 side straps at the passenger foot pegs.
I love the looks and build quality of the nomad, but went with a givi ST 603 tanklock (a wee bit cheaper and free shipping.)
Look/ seem secure enough?
BTW Shigeta what windscreen is that? Really like it.
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