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  1. AdvRich

    Alaska in 2019 anyone?

    Not enough time to ride all the way up into AK, but I’d visit Haines or Hyder, AK via TotW Hwy on the way back from Dawson and Tuktoyaktuk. I started mapping to size up a roundtrip from somewhere in northern MT where I’d leave my van.
  2. AdvRich


    Subscribed. I usually head south in the spring with one or the other bike in the van.
  3. AdvRich

    Mileage Milestones Poll

    I rode the Gaspe this summer - it was a blast. I took the Matane ferry to the north shore and almost rode the Trans-Labrador for a ways, but figured I'd save it for another time. Right now I am planning the Dempster Highway for next summer, but if I cannot get enough leave from work it will either be the Trans-Labrador or the James Bay Road. Having ridden the James Bay, which would you do, given the choice?Hi Guys, Thanks for the interest. Kmev, no ride write up, just pics and great memories. Happy to share info though on the ride and travels in Newfoundland, but don't want to clog up this thread. Perhaps if Piotrek starts a planning thread or the like for his upcoming ride, we can discuss in there?
  4. AdvRich

    Mileage Milestones Poll

    Trans labrador ride and an additional 800 mile rally ride pushed the FJ just up over 10k this year.
  5. AdvRich

    Project: Alaska Blaster

    Watch the 705's in mud or mud covered conditions as they tend to not grip well.
  6. AdvRich

    Project: Alaska Blaster

    Huh, is that a new reg with the bear spray? It used to be allowed. Bear bangers however are not allowed into Canada.
  7. Never seen or heard of one. No return on investment for manufacturers to make one either. You’d need to fab one up from scratch or use just the plate portion from a used Yammie rack to mate to yours. All the best, Rich