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  1. Custom Motion Pro cables made for my '15 FJ when I needed a bit of extra length to reduce the strain on stock cables. Cables are of very high quality and beefier than stockers. Clutch cable is 4" over stock and throttle cable set is 3" over stock. Great like new condition with only 2900 miles on them. The soft protective outer wear sleeve over the clutch cable has some cosmetic rub marks where it rested or passed through the frame and is out of sight when installed on bike. Cost new $167 shipped, asking $80 for the set. Also a Helibars brake line extension and 5 new Yamaha crush washers. There's a bit of wrench rash on the nut by the nipple end. Cost $45 with shipping, asking $20. Renthal Street Naked bars. $85 new, asking $40. Bar ends have been tapped to accept thread-in weights or hand guard bolts. Prefer local area meeting/pickup, but can ship, send zip via PM and I'll get a quote.
  2. Ah, gas and tires... sounds like a good title for a ripping ride report.
  3. The table is a family heirloom that was purchased about 100 yrs ago. It's an enamel topped expandable table (sliding sides that tuck under the top) with a period Art Deco design. The outer chevron plant pattern, along with the coloring, brings to mind the shape of wheat and the sprocket you see is perhaps a reference to a mill wheel...Harvest Table theme? Something to ponder during helmet time while crossing, say... Kansas watching the tailing sunrise light up the amber waves of grain and anticipating the tips of the Rockies emerging from the beckoning horizon.
  4. Very relatable post and highly recommend a mental walk through of the repair process after completion. I do a quick step by step confirmation of the bolts that were tightened and torqued, clips reattached and so forth before riding out. I have training as an aircraft mechanic and it's right the first time or it doesn't go into service. Tools that were used had to all be accounted for (in their stored tool box locations) before the repair could be signed off... to easy to forget one and have it loose in the plane doing damage. Pilot checklists seem redundant and old at times, but when used, they win every time for getting it done right, especially with such high risk. I do the same with riding or even when putting on a helmet, the strap is tightened right then and there, easy to lapse when conversing or while picking up a dropped glove in that moment and forget to strap or clip it. Happened once in my 20's and never again. And before the humor starts, it's not OCD 😁, just a moment for due diligence. A couple of the recovery tools that have served me well for many a lost nut and such over the decades of wrenching.
  5. Genuine Yamaha FJ09 Shop Manual. All the info you want from how to adjust valves, to torque values, and color wiring diagrams. $35 shipped CONUS.
  6. I had the front wheel off the FJ the other day and just before finishing up thought to quick mount the spare wheel with TKC 80 for anyone considering this option. Fender clearance is a full 3/4"+ (20mm), more room than I thought it would be.
  7. It's a fun ride with lots of history to dabble in along the way if you have the time. For reference, I completed the MABDR and the older MAT (2900+miles) on my WRX/R 250 and having 50/50 DOT knobbies on was nice. What ever I happened upon the bike was well equipped and could still rip the pavement turns using all the tire. As you probably know, the MABDR is mostly easy gravel and pavement. For tire recommendations, I recently had a set of Avon Trailriders (90/10) on the bike and liked them a lot and would recommend them for MABDR when dry, but when it gets wet/greasy/muddy, your paved road bypass options will keep the body work in good stead. Avon does make a similar, but more aggressive (50/50) Trekrider tire that would offer more assurance and less rerouting for poorer road conditions. I'll just put this here too, as there's a lot of interest in alternate tire choices, I do have a set of brand new factory Yamaha wheels with TKC80's ready to bolt on if anyone is interested. I was going to use them for an AK trip last year which never manifested. A second set of wheels is a nice set up which makes it easy to keep the good road tires and wheels in top spec for high speed fun. PM if interested.
  8. Sorry, email notification don't come through for me. PM sent, @bamarider
  9. This is the shield that gives you lots of adjustment to dial out the wind you don't want (noise, buffeting) and enjoy the clean air you want, especially on those long touring days. This 22" light grey shield is the middle of MadStad's three size choices. All parts are present along with instruction sheet. Great condition, just one very small stone ding that is highlighted in the last pic, noticeable only when looking for it. Also, I installed a RAM mounted GPS just above the instrument cluster on the Madstad flat mounting plate so this unit is pre-drilled ready to accept your RAM ball mount set up. Cost me $290 new including $30 shipping. $170 Located in zip 12822, NY. Prefer local pickup arrangement, but can ship, PM me your zip and I'll get back with a shipping quote. Front Back A small pencil point size stone ding just to the left of the M
  10. Ordered a mug and a hoodie for some comfort through the remainder of the winter. Used the discount code too, thanks. Heads up, code shows as 20%, but actual conversion was 16% on checkout page. But, just got confirm email and it now shows at full 20% discount. πŸ‘ Anyway, kind of wondering if drinking my regular brew from the new "triple FJ-09" mug will make it rev more like a triple espresso?
  11. Ah, thanks. Main Range NP, nice. πŸ‘
  12. Nice! I used to live in Maleny and got around SE Queensland a bit on the bike. I don’t recognize that flat topped mountain/hill in the background, though. Do you know its name or where your pics were taken? Thanks.
  13. Subscribed. I usually head south in the spring with one or the other bike in the van.