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  1. Ordered a mug and a hoodie for some comfort through the remainder of the winter. Used the discount code too, thanks. Heads up, code shows as 20%, but actual conversion was 16% on checkout page. But, just got confirm email and it now shows at full 20% discount. 👍 Anyway, kind of wondering if drinking my regular brew from the new "triple FJ-09" mug will make it rev more like a triple espresso?
  2. Nice! I used to live in Maleny and got around SE Queensland a bit on the bike. I don’t recognize that flat topped mountain/hill in the background, though. Do you know its name or where your pics were taken? Thanks.
  3. Subscribed. I usually head south in the spring with one or the other bike in the van.
  4. Trans labrador ride and an additional 800 mile rally ride pushed the FJ just up over 10k this year.
  5. Watch the 705's in mud or mud covered conditions as they tend to not grip well.
  6. Huh, is that a new reg with the bear spray? It used to be allowed. Bear bangers however are not allowed into Canada.
  7. Never seen or heard of one. No return on investment for manufacturers to make one either. You’d need to fab one up from scratch or use just the plate portion from a used Yammie rack to mate to yours. All the best, Rich
  8. Perhaps a little Tom Waits in the meantime. [video src=https://youtu.be/w5poYkQnOr0]
  9. Sorry I didn't add more to my brief post on compression check, but ran out of typing time the other day. The thing that stuck me most with the vid was you stated you had spark and with that much starter fluid being shot into the intake, even with the butterflies closed, it should have at least popped if not sputtered for a moment. Also, the turn over rate is slow and labored and a bit uneven at least to my ear. Don't know the state of charge for the battery, which sounds like it is low at time of vid, but again it sounds labored compared to normal starting. My thought to do the compression test is that there are three main things needed for ICE's to run: spark, fuel and compression. At the very least with a compression test you have the final base operation values known before moving on to individual systems testing. From my own experience, I had a bike fade and die one day while out riding in the early spring. I had ear plugs in and could hear the bike, but only the exhaust. Upon returning home went through checking fuel and spark, but no go. Did a compression test (ICE's wont' run below 100 psi) and the rear cylinder was around 90 something. Not low enough for a bent/burnt valve, but still not high enough to run. Pulled the oil filter and found lots of copper colored metal. in the end determined the rear rod bearing went, perhaps from cold oil starvation or bike just being too worn/old. Just found your post on oil cooler failure. Didn't know about that Achilles heel for the bike, thanks for that. Curious, since it sounds like the bike was running fine before the oil cooler failure and now this no start condition. Just throwing this into the mix of thoughts, did you have a low/no oil running event along with that cooler failure? Rich
  10. I’m also over on AdvRider and feel I’ve posted and been here long enough to be able to now say: Welcome to the forum! The FJ is certainly narrow enough and having no high mount hot exhaust to deal with is a bonus. I had a gen 2 reckless 80 on my WRX/R 250. While a bit big for the WR, I really liked the extra capacity so I didn’t have to cram fit gear and the beaver tail made quick access and gear stowage a breeze. Three things come to mind. How much will they flop around without rack support underneath? Will the R80 wing attachment well nuts saw their way into the seat or plastics on rough/gravel roads? And how to protect the bike from grit abrasion where the R80 rests on body parts? BTW, what’s your location?
  11. I think the dimensions you listed are correct, but the sequences is LxHxW as they all are 55” between the wheel wells and the minimum height is 55” and 65” for their high top Nissan. Interior dimension of the smallest fits the FJ. If the windscreen needs to be removed, it’s only four screws. Mirrors should be fine if no extenders have been installed. If they need to come off, bring a 17mm open end wrench. Remember the right side one is left hand thread—nut has horizontal slash marks. Bring a small piece of scrap wood to go under side stand to prevent damage to the thin sheet metal floor and have it ready to kick into place if loading solo. Another benefit of going with the smallest van is the very low deck height which always makes loading easier and safer. Got ramp, tiedowns? If you’ve not tied in a bike before, both tires on floor (not on center stand), bike upright and in gear. To prevent scratching at hook attachment to bike, bring some small pieces of cardboard to fit under the hooks. All four straps should pull down and away from bike at the four corners. Don’t over compress suspension; half to 2/3 of overall travel works well. Compress enough that when van goes over bump or dip hooks don’t slacken. Rich
  12. Hi Tripleb, I sent you a message on exhaust. We probably don't live too far from one another as I'm about 50 miles north of Albany too. Rich
  13. I'll take it! I know I'd get out a lawn lounger just to soak in some sun for a while. One of the most important things to do living in the North Coutnry is to bake out winter over the summer, cause you don't want to take any of the previous year's winter into the next. Got stoked for Spring and was transitioning over to mid 40's with sun late last month (even got in a ride on the WR), but all went back to snow and colder temps for the past couple of weeks. It's still winter here with plenty of snow on the ground. Here's skiing conditions this past Saturday over in Southern VT... ...and we just got back from XC skiing today as well, lol. Enjoy the weather. I'll be south of the Mason/Dixon in a few weeks. Oh since this is the FJ pic thread... Here's one from a Sunrise ride up Mt Washington last August. Fun trip.... bring good coffee and warm clothes. I have a nice full pano, but it won't load... guess you'll just have to ride up and take some pics, wink, wink.