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  1. The kit comes with interchangeable lenses, you can either do both spot or flood. I chose whatever they call hybrid with mixed lenses. And yes it really looks much better, it gave me much more confidence in both night and day riding. Maybe would have been better the D2 instead of DM. But I'm still happy with these.
  2. Hey I was able to take some pics of the Denali DM at night consider that I’m running the single intensity relay (full intensity) with just the on/off switch atm I set one with the spot lens and the other with the flood as you can see it really lights up the sides of the road with the flood and down the road with the spot Aux light nighttime Imgur: The magic of the Internet
  3. Electronically speaking, brown / white / red are positive, black/ blue /green are ground/negative Then there are mixed colors (or numbered wires) to be distinguished Also buy a service book, that will help you a lot with the wiring diagrams, other stuff as well
  4. I would suggest you get a multimeter, it’s inexpensive and will definitely help you a lot in many situations In this case you would have had already found the live wire However, most of the time brown would be the positive, so it must be it
  5. Ok on the Tracer I tapped on the tail light which is the connector with 2 cables black is ground as you can see, and tapped the white/red I have a different connection bc I have a aftermarket plate mount now where the OEM cable was brown to blue on the tail light so this is a live wire when turning the key on
  6. I’ll get back to you once I get home later today Busy with a customer atm
  7. Outside the forks wouldn’t be possible since the lights were hitting the fairing, maybe lowering the mounts it would have been possible, but it that case I needed the extension cables there is a fender mount option, but depends on the bike you might need the extension cables. with the single intensity relay I had to tap only in one cable (i.e. tag light). There are different ways of setting them up based on what you’re looking for. I’m buying another switch bc I want the aux lights to be controlled independently without tapping in the stock lights and control them with the stock light controls
  8. I didn’t take pics during nighttime yet, but I can definitely do it I'm planning on buying the dual intensity relay and hi/low switch pretty soon here some pics of the lights and mounts please consider that I have the DM 2.0 kit D2 2.0 kit is a step up Denali DM lights Imgur: The magic of the Internet
  9. I added Denali DM 2 Kit with the fork mounts on my tracer bc I had the same issue Dark in the area from the front wheel to where the beam started to hit the road it made a huge improvement, now the front road is well lit and it made the road ahead better illuminated, also on both sides you might want to consider the D2 if you want a wider and deeper illumination
  10. Use some loctice lock threads I didn’t have nylon lock nuts on hand, just regular nuts, with some either blue or red loctite I had no issues on my 2 bikes
  11. did the TB sync yesterday afternoon since the Carbtune was delivered earlier than expected. Also changed the front brake pads to the EBC HH, couldn't stand the abrupt initial bite of the stock pads. now I just need new levers, hate the stockers. Note on the TB sync: the master body, remained the master since it was pulling the least amount even when the other 2 screws were fully seated. I was able to get them close enough, but the Carbtune scale up by 2cmHg with 4 dash in the middle, and yes I was able to keep the bodies within 2 dashes, which corresponds to 10cmHg (or 10mmHg as per Yamaha service manual) Maybe it smoothed out a lil bit, but was barely noticeable. Also the it wasn't that bad at first, just leveled them a bit better. Now here comes a question based on some info I was able to gather on TB sync around the web... how true is to sync them at 5k rpm, to reduce vibrations when cruising? I know the service manual states to sync at idle, but anybody ever tried to sync at higher rpm?
  12. After my recent trip to Dallas, TX, I got back home with 4000miles on the clock Today did the oil and filter change, tried Maxima synthetic 10w40 and the engine seems a bit smoother (maybe due to the fact the oil still new), Yamaha OEM filter. In the next few days I'll do the TB Sync once the Carbtune Pro 4 is delivered, hopefully I can get rid of some vibrations. Also the engine feels like when sitting at idle is kinda knocking/pinging a lil bit.
  13. We should definitely get together
  14. I’m actually On my way to through Denton to NTK and just found a Duluth store there, imma stop by and check it out thanks a lot guys for the input