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  1. Welcome! I'm right around the corner from you - down in Richmond! I have a 2015 FJ-09. Lemme know if you ever want to meet up for a ride!
  2. Welcome! I'm in Ontario too. Richmond (just outside of Ottawa). I have a 2015 Candy Red, mostly stock. Picked up from a private Kijij buyer last fall. Just put new Michelin Road 5s on it. Lovin' it so far!
  3. 2008 Barricade Orange Buell Ulysses for sale. ~21,000 miles / 34,000 kms. New Road 5s front and back last spring with around 1500 miles on them. New Drive belt last fall. A few farkles.Farkles: Genuine Buell Comfort Kit. Admore Lighting brake/turn signals in side cases. K & N air filter. Buelltooth Bluetooth-driven tuning system. Factory heated grips. 2 power points (dash and under seat).Accessories: Buell Top and side cases, 2 Buell Windscreens (tall and OEM)Runs like a top with low mileage. Always garage stored. Pick it up and ride off. Serious offers only, no trades, test rides considered post-quarantine with cash in hand.Located just outside Ottawa, Ontario.No issues, just not the bike for me. (Replaced it with the FJ-09!)$3600 USD or $5000 CAD.Viewing available by appointment in Richmond, Ontario (Canada) and social distancing. (20 minutes outside Ottawa)
  4. Ottawa folks wave - cruisers, crotch rockets, 3 wheeled, everyone. No slingshots though. ðŸĪŠ
  5. I just purchased there from fleabay: FXCNC For Yamaha FJ-09 MT-09 Tracer 2015-2019 Fold Extend Brake Clutch Levers FJ-09/MT-09 Tracer 2015-2019. A Pair folding extending brake clutch... It seems FJ and FZ should be interchangeable. FMMV.
  6. Based on the instructions from the Admore site, it seems like: RED*= + 12V (switched); BLUE= Brake Light wire; GREEN= Right Turn Signal wire; YELLOW= Left Turn Signal wire; BLACK= Ground From your description, it seems like your red and blue are reversed.
  7. Double check your yellow connection. According to the instructions, the harness-side is as follows: RED*= + 12V (switched); BLUE= Brake Light wire; GREEN= Right Turn Signal wire; YELLOW= Left Turn Signal wire; BLACK= Ground. Here is the wiring schematic from the 2015 FJ-09 (mine) which may or may not be of use to you. It looks as though the connections should be, in order harness to bike: Harness to bike blue to yellow , black to black, red to brown, green to dark green, yellow to dark brown Hope this helps.
  8. Hey there, Haven't installed the exact kit you mention but I have installed 2 Admore kits on my last two bikes. They were older models and the instructions were spot on. Did you receive good directions or are you figuring out the wiring as you go? I find the taps they include need to be screwed down as tight as they will go in order to maintain a good connection. Hope this helps.
  9. Have not done either upgrade but was a long-time VFR owner and Daugherty suspension upgrades were HIGHLY regarded on VFRDiscussion.com. Was considering pulling the trigger and he was very responsive via email on the options he could do as well as his suggestions for fork oil weight, settings, etc.
  10. Very good! 😀 I've noticed, as @Duke mentioned, there's some uneven heat but they do get nice n' toasty.
  11. Do you have enough slack to twist the throttle without binding?
  12. I used hairspray. Nice n' toight but still removable. 😎