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  1. Bah! Whoops, I meant the Heat Demons. I used the set indicated in the other thread. My bad. Just a free user so can't edit it any further. 😋
  2. If you're ever up north in the Ottawa-area, one of our go-to routes is the 511 Highway about an hour outside of town in a village called Calabogie. Great little diner called the Redneck Bistro which serves the local Calabogie Brewery offerings. This ride is known as the 'Calabogie Boogey'. Looking forward to getting out on it with the FJ! You can read more about it here: Calabogie, 511 & Centennial Lake Road
  3. Seconding @fj09viking. I set mine up over the weekend and the instructions in this thread worked like a charm. Purchased the Heat Demon 210019RR set and some Fleabay Yammy turn signal connectors to wire things up (hint: if you use the ones I did, the turn signal connector is the BLACK wire on both to connect to the correct bike-side connectors on the 2015MY). Gives access to the OEM menu system to run the grips and a finished OEM appearance. Grips are a little uneven clutch-side due to the missing insulation (only used the heatshrink) but they sure do get HOT! Dialed back the settings to 3/5/7 and things were nice n' toasty on my test-ride at around 5 degrees C.
  4. Just installed my Hotgrips using @Duke's method. Worked like a charm. Took'er out for the last pre-winter sleep spin around 5ish Celcius degrees yesterday with the grips set to 3/7/10... 10 heated things up right quick! Will be readjusting next spring to 3/5/7 as others have mentioned!
  5. Thanks for the look-see! Maybe @Duke will be able to update the post to collate all the relevant information into the first post. Or maybe someone else will write up a new version with pics. 😉
  6. Living here in the great white north, it gets cold, damn cold. Heated grips are a must but there's no way I'm spending $400 CAD on heated grips. I like your idea of the Heat Demons (I've put them on a few bikes too and had good luck) so Duke, if I understand your logic, you purchased a couple of bullet-style connectors also and worked as follows: Spliced the white wires from both grips together. Connected them to the bullet connector (black) bike-side with the blue-yellow wire. Spliced the red and blue wires from both grips together. Connected those to the bullet connector (grey) bike-side with the black wire. Am I following the logic? Thanks!
  7. Interesting. I'd say the seat heights are inaccurate but the rest are pretty close. Funny though, after googling a bunch, the height you specced comes up frequently but for Cycle Ergo and my own butt experience (I took over the Uly from a VFR800, 2002 and it's around a 32 inch seat height).
  8. Well said. Lotsa character. Gobs of torque. I've been stranded a couple of times now and the wifey said enough's enough. Here's mine, up for sale at the moment:
  9. No. Not even close. Ulysses is an XB12X. Maybe you're thinking the XT, which is about the same height as an FJ. Think an extra 2.5 inches. I can flat-foot the FJ (seat in the low position, love it!) whereas on the Uly, I'm on my tiptoes and even then, need to lean the bike which is an uncomfortable sensation on a 550+ lb bike. I really appreciate the lesser weight, narrower profile, and lower seat!
  10. After lusting for an FJ-09 over the last several years, I finally picked up a low-mileage 2015 in Deep Red Metallic with 8,000 km. Came with the hard bags and touring screen. It's replacing a 2008 Buell Ulysses which is just too tall for me (I'm 5'8" and I just can't flat-foot it) plus finding replacement parts is becoming challenging. Here are a few pics of 'Garnet' with his little sister, Ruby (wifey's bike):
  11. Wish I could join. Have my kids this weekend though so it'll most likely be lunch at Greekfest. Here was my ride today to NEAT at Burnstown and then down 511 to Wolf Grove Rd. Now... To upgrade to the FJ...
  12. Typically in Ottawa, I'll pull out the VFR starting in late March. This is inconsistent as snow can always show late. I've been pretty regular about getting out from April all the way to end of October/early November. Been riding since 07. Started on a SV650S and moved to the VFR 2 years later. Can't wait for this teacher stuff to get settled so I have a paycheque with which to buy the FJ!
  13. Anyone have a chain tool in Ottawa, Canada they could lend me to rivet the chain back together? I have beers for you!
  14. Good point however I believe the PR2s are still in production. That said, may be worth checking the date stamp on it to be sure. I ran 3 sets on my VFR before the PR3s came out. It was a good tire but has definitely been superseded by newer technologies. Make sure you get a good feel for it!