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new member. Hello


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hello guys,
new member here.
i was between fj 09 and fjr 1300 and finaly i choose the fjr(don't hate me for this  :) ).
A friend of mine has the fj 09, i am riding it and i am loving it but the main reason i choose fjr was the coverage that this bike offers when you ride it, especialy for long distance trips.
i was visiting this site as a guest and i was hoping i would  buy an fj 09 and participate as an owner here, but i believe the love for the bikes (Yamaha Yamaha) is the common thing we share.
i have already learn so many things visiting this place and i hope i will learn more and help other members through my participation
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Welcome aboard, we tolerate other bikes too! Many of us have more than one anyway.......
Glad you found what you wanted, decisions like this always come with trade-offs!
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