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Ebay luggage

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Hey guys, i've been using the forum for information since i bought my bike back in may. Absolutely love her in every way, but i've been looking for luggage i can put on her so i don't break the bank, and i actually came across a set of side boxed for a steal, and i'm curious if anybody else has bought them, or has any insight. i'm sure that i'll eventually upgrade to the OEM or the givi, but this just seems the a hell of a deal. i'm posting the link for them bellow. I totally appreciate any help!

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I have no experience of them, but some thoughts from reading the description:
- they don’t look to be removeable, as in clip on and off, they seem to screw on and leave.
- being able to quickly remove them is an asset in my mind
- I don’t think they’ll take a modular or large helmet, you’ll need closer to 30 or larger in litres I think
But, if these factors aren’t important then go for it and report back on your experience. Personally, I’d buy a more recognised brand.

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If you don’t need side cases right away saving for a more robust, name brand option might be the way to go. Opportunities pop up on eBay and the forum here if one is patient.
I’m a fan of Kriega https://kriega.us/bike-packs-1/ which could serve as a temporary (or longer) solution as you figure out your needs. Again ebay can be your friend, save a search and you’ll be notified as items are listed.

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I have them
they work really good
bolt on nicely but they do not just come right off you have to unbolt them to take them off
good size
they have lights which i wired as running lights
put about 3k miles on the bags this year so far, no problem
i could not justify spending $1000+ on oem bags, rediculus
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