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Ermax high windscreen VS V-Stream


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My bike came with the Ermax, 
It was this model. It bolted on to the stock bracket. Ermax
I recently purchased the V-Stream N20317 which came with an auxiliary bracket.  V-Stream
I thought that the V stream would be taller, I never checked the size, but they were within a half of an inch of each other in width and height.
After installing both, I found that the Ermax had much more buffeting compared to the v-stream. The plastic was thinner with the ermax and you could tell the design research that went in to the V-Stream was more extensive.... Hence the price. Both were observed at 100 km/h at the low setting.
You pay more than double for the V-Stream and it's worth it. 
While the air flow wasn't totally eliminated with the V-Stream, it was bearable, even in the low setting.
I am 6 ft tall with a leg of 32"
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I only purchased the V-Stream.
At the lowest position - no buffeting, pleasant ride with some noise.
At the highest position - no noise, but an unpleasant "sucking" sensation on my helmet + lots of buffeting.
After 3 hrs lowest-position drive - I did like the windshield totally.
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Question -- Did the Vstream clear the hand guards without any modifications to them?
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