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Yamaha Top Cases

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   Does anybody know the dimensions of the Yamaha 39L and 50L top cases? I want to be able to put a 12" x 16"
 laptop in it laying flat and are you happy with them? I already bought the Yamaha tail rack. Also are they easy to take on and off and disconnect the wiring for the tail light?

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Here is a 10" x 15" laptop in a 50 liter Yamaha case. Yours will fit fine, but I recommend a sleeve or case of some sort to protect it against bouncing. I love the Yamaha 50L on the OEM rack. One key for the ignition and all three cases, and the case is on or off in 2 seconds. Very robust and waterproof. I didn't bother with installing any lights in the top case, but just wire it into an SAE connector if you go that route - add another second to unplug the harness.
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