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New Canadian Tracer GT Owner


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Hi All,
I picked up my new Tracer GT on Friday. These are pretty scarce up here. I picked this one up in London, Ontario.
I came from an FJR1300. Loved that bike, but wanted to try something a little different. In the past I have also owned a couple of V-Strom 650's.
So far so good with the bike. I haven't been able to really let her go yet until I have a few hundred km on it. 
A couple of observations. First, I really like the set-up of the bike. Display is awesome, great riding position and it seems like it has more than enough power. The stock seat is painful as you would expect from the standard seats. I did purchase the touring seat from Yamaha. I haven't ridden enough to have an opinion yet, but it's much better than the stock one. I suspect I will change to a Sargent when they become available. I'm also not sure about the stock foot-pegs. I guess coming off an FJR, the larger rubber ones are what I'm used to. There short steel ones might take some getting used to.
I look forward to learning about these bikes on the forum. 
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Hello, I have a 2016 fj 09 and purchased these rubber foot pegs from amazon. Unfortunately I was not able to test them as I had other things to fix from the previous owner (way to many wire splits and useless add on), the wait for parts coming from japan... all and all as I only purchased the bike a few months ago and the cold weather knocking at our door ill only be able to ride next year. I am sure you will enjoy your new motorcycle and I must say, that bike does look good. Here is the link for the rubber foot pegs (they do come in pairs with all the proper clips). They may not be Yamaha OEM quality, but for the price, doesn't hurt the wallet to give them a try.
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Hi slt824, I looked at and sat on your bike at Inglis back in August. I wasn't able to do a deal there because they didn't like my trade in bike so I ended up buying elsewhere. They are very scarce in Canada and I waited over two months, and got the black model. 
I traded my 900 lb cruiser so this little rocket is a major improvement in performance.

2019 Tracer GT,  Ontario, Canada

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