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What "color" is this black 2016 FJ-09?

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Hi all. I'm shopping for a used FJ-09 and came across this 2016.
It doesn't seem to have the red line and "FJ-09" on the fairing under the turn signal. It also has a red outline around the rims.
Here is the regular black one available, that has "FJ-09" under the turn signal and no red outline on the rims. I can't find anything about this particular "color" FJ-09 on the Yamaha USA website. Anyone know if this some special edition or if perhaps it has previous damage history that required fairing replacement that the seller isn't disclosing?
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either the owner removed the "decals" or the panels have been replaced due to accident/crash, new panels dont come equipped with decals or badges... the red rim tape is an aftermarket farkle...
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