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2019 Tracer 900 in Rhode Island? Free stuff for your bike to test!

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Twisted Throttle is looking for a 2019 Tracer900 in the Rhode Island to do some product videos. 

They would use your bike to install some killer lights and a Soundbomb horn and you would keep the lights and horn.  You will also be able to get other items at a HUGE DISCOUNT if you choose. Your bike will be used in videos that they create and put on their website and on here as well.  So your resale value someday would be MAX! 

Twisted Throttle has a full team of bike experts, your bike will be safe and secure while they work on it. This is a hell of a deal for someone in Rhode Island! 

This forum finds test bikes for quality companies once in a while, this is a great opportunitity to get free high quality lighting, horn and a HUGE discount on other items as well.  

I will remove this thread when we find the donor bike. 

Have a 2019 Tracer900 or Tracer 900 GT? Get ahold of me at fj09forums@gmail.com or send me a Forum PM, (click on my username, send me a MESSAGE). 

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