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AMCN test report on new MT-09 Tracer - Vol 64 No 18.

Guest lawrenceofsuburbia

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Guest lawrenceofsuburbia
The latest (19 Mar to 1 April) issue of Australian Motorcycle News carries a lengthy report on the new Tracer.
it was pretty positive, as far as one can trust a journo's prose and his inevitable reliance on the manufacturer's PR, but the ride and the report was seriously compromised in my view as the bike was ridden, and therefore evaluated, two-up throughout the test.
No reason why any bike should not be looked at in terms of its suitability for and performance while carrying a pillion, but something has been lost here, I feel.   The article even suggested that Yamaha had deliberately [em]"designed the Tracer with the pillion in mind".  A[/em]nd some detail in some of the accompanying pix were not exactly true to the bike I've been studying in the showroom...
Quibbling aside, I was pleased to read that the reviewer found the ergos of the bike to be very comfortable, a key matter for me, as I'm used to GS-type ergonomics.   Fuel consumption was also pretty fair at 4.6L/ 100km. 
Oz readers - get yourselves the AMCN mag and read away!
L of S [em]('39 model)[/em][em]Brisbane, [/em][em]Queensland, [/em][em]Australia[/em]
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they probably took the ECU's calculation as gospel when it is wildly optimistic in speed and fuel consumption
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