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Any first year bike issues yet?

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Hi All,
Just wondering if there is anything to be aware of on the new FJ yet? Sounds like some of the fuel injection glitches and suspension issues of the FZ have been addressed.
Anything else to watch out for?
I read somewhere (may have been on the FZ forum) about a guy experiencing blue smoke on start up, but it looks like an isolated case.
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The most frustrating thing is it is too damn popular, selling too well, so that Yamaha's supply of accessories has been drained to the the extens some items will be on back order for 5-6 months.
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Other than mistakes by the dealer during prep, which I can't blame Yamaha for and is all sorted out now, my main issue is its been too cold to ride most days. When it's not cold there's thunderstorms. That's probably the biggest motorcycle issue I've had so far.
The shifter recall hasn't adversely affected me. I still ride and have lived to tell about it. My 600 mile service is coming up and I plan to get it fixed then so it's not even an extra trip to the dealer. The people it has affected most are the ones that can't buy it because of the stop sale.
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