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3 Wheel Motorcycle certification requirements in your area

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Interesting topic that came up in another discussion thread where a fellow member indicated that in Washington state, USA, one actually has to have a separate license for operating a three wheeled motorcycle. 


The law in Washington state appears to be the result of special handling requirements needed to safely operate a Ural or a traditional three wheeled trike e.g 3 wheeled Harley Davidsons, and Goldwings. 

Incidentally I learned something new since NC does not require a separate license to operate 3 wheeled motorcycles.

I do know that, in parts of Europe, in Slovenia specifically, you have to get a separate license by motorcycle cubic displacement classes. E.g. Certification and training in a 150cc bike is very different vs a liter bike,and my Slovenian friends were surprised that I could ride any displacement motorcycle with my single NC motorcycle endorsement. 

Question to everyone - do you have to have a separate license for a 3 wheeled motorcycle and/or by displacement where you are?

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MN, any three wheeled vehicle falls under "motorcycle" which requires moto permit or endorsement to operate on public roads, ie goldwing, mobility scooters (harley), sidecar... However if the driver is "enclosed" it falls under an autocycle (see polaris slingshot), a standard drivers license will cover it.

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