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Rough/lumpy idle, odd scraping/squeaking noise from front of engine


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Hello all,

First time poster, long time FJ rider. I've got a 2015 FJ-09, 56000km, has treated me great over the past 4 years. No major mechanical issues, normal maintenance. Only issue I've had is a dented oil pan which I replaced with the newer model.

Until a week ago...

I had set off on a trip. Bike running great. I got fuelled up and did a highway run to another town to grab breakfast, about 100km, no stops or lights. I was fully loaded with gear, panniers, and pillion. The section was mountainous highway with long hill climbs, high speed, high load etc. Didn't notice any issues during the section.

When I pulled in to park, I noticed the idle sounded lumpy, something I never heard before. Bike would barely start or idle without throttle, but seemed to run ok at speed. Stalled if I left it to idle, or idled very rough.

See video. Listen for the background squeaking noise (best way I can describe it...)


I thought maybe bad gas, so I fuelled up again at another station. No change. 

So I brought it back home and grabbed my car for the trip. It ran OK, had power, on the way home at speed, but I could tell something was off even at speed.

So far troubleshooting:

-changed spark plugs, they were coming close to due. Looked OK to me, all same. no change after
-fuelled up 3 times on way home (possible bad gas should be cleared)
-oil changed 1000km before trip, still full, clear
-coolant full
-checked vacuum lines on throttle bodies, all in place
-cleaned throttle bodies, opened manually using diagnostic mode. intake valves are still there ... look ok
-no engine light, no codes in diagnostic mode 60 or 61
-checked header temperatures with thermal camera, all same or similar
-diagnostic mode throttle position is 16 and 100 at zero and full throttle

The noise does not seem to sound like the cam chain tensioner... or at least it doesn't have the same high speed ticking noise I've heard on other youtube videos of failed CCT on FZ/FJ-09 motors. I don't think its bad gas, all the stations were high volume 'top tier' stations.

It was running great before this 100km section... 

My next steps are to check the valve clearances, reset CCT, and perform a throttle body sync.

I am hoping for some assistance troubleshooting, if anyone can help with the noise diagnostic, greatly appreciate any help. If more info is needed please let me know.

Thanks all.



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