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AK-20 Cartridges


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So after an unhealthy amount of deliberation, I ordered the K Tech Razor R rear shock today for my 2015 FJ-09. I think a big part of why I have been hesitant is I was unsure how long I was going to keep this bike but I have decided I'm in it for the long haul. I'm only going to be able to own one bike for at least the next 3 years and want one that I can go on long trips comfortably but also take it to the track for some fun once a month or so. After riding it over 8 hours from Florida to the North Carolina mountains for a week (The Tail of The Dragon obviously being one of the roads I hit) and putting 2500 miles on it in that week, I've decided this is the right bike for my needs. I just need to get the suspension sorted out. As someone that weighs 230-240 lbs, the stock suspension is just not cutting it. Removing the hand guards, flashing the ECU, and raising the forks 10 mm has helped a ton with smooth throttle, turn in, and reducing the speed wobble. But the rear tire bouncing when hitting the slightest bump leaned over and the front tire break dancing when I accelerate hard out of a corner just feels dangerous. I'm eyeing the AK-20 cartridges and a big selling point for me is the fact that they advertise being able to swap them out to a different bike by just switching a few parts. I'm mainly curious as to how long a set of these cartridges is expected to last. I think the long play for me is to have this as a dual purpose street/track bike for 3 years or so and then buy a dedicated 600 cc or maybe even liter track bike while keeping the FJ for the street. But let's say I want to put these cartridges in a track bike in 3 years after 40k+ miles, are they good for tens of thousands more? With proper fork maintenance, how long will these cartridges last? I was looking at the K Tech cartridges but I read a couple of comments saying these AK-20 cartridges are a lot better quality. For someone that wants to push this bike hard in the twisties and take it to the track, it seems like it's worth the extra couple hundred for the AK-20s. Thoughts?

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1 minute ago, betoney said:

@NotVeryCreative16  - Its usually recommended to have your suspension serviced every 20k miles or 2 years, it properly maintained the suspension parts should last forever. 

That's what I wanted to hear, thanks. I plan to have them serviced every two years. I'm just going back and forth on whether I want to get the K Tech cartridges or spend the extra $200 for the AK-20s. If they last forever and I can put them swap them into a different bike, I feel like the AK-20s may be the way to go.

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I have the AK 20s in my 1800 Wing.  Great setup, totally changed that bike. Still have the stock setup on my FJ.  Retired, so I don't have spare cash laying around.  Of course it's better stock than the Wing with premium suspension.  Weight kills.

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