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Bought a second engine


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Have to ask why? Just as a back up plan or current one dead? One of the reasons I'm back in mamyama and not eurodaddy is that I don't much need to worry about replacing my engines anymore! There are a ton, a ton, of good videos on engine storage on youtube. Like above have said, it's oil inside and flushed around, and on blocks off the ground, and if you live in a humid area, I would spray the outsides with ACF50 thoroughly. Bolt heads, case, the works. Prevents all rust and corrosion. 

In some ways it is more important what you do when you first install and start the motor. Putting some oil in the oil filter before you screw it on despite the mess. You can remove the plugs and turn the motor over a few times with the starter to prime the oil pump and get things started. When installing you've got everything torn apart and half assembled anyway. If you are going to complete the assembly that day, this will help prevent dry parts rotating under load. On marine diesel engines you do this by shutting off the fuel flow and cranking until the oil pressure builds up, then open the fuel. 

Why'd ya get it? How much was it? Ebay? Good luck. 

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