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New Yamaha patents for leaning 4 wheeler


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Yamaha filed patents for a leaning four wheeler which appear to be based upon the MW Vision concept from a few years back. 


Patents unearthed by a Japanese motorcycle commentator show Yamaha...




Various information of YAMAHA's The 46th Tokyo Motor Show is available...

After watching the video what is really interesting is the fact that yamaha has at least prototyped a working self leveling system for three wheeled motorcycles in addition to a reverse function for what is presumably a battery powered engine. So in theory if Niken sales were promising, then a self leveling three wheeled electric motorcycle like the MW Vision concept might make sense. 

Would be interesting to know if it qualifies in the US as a motorcycle or a four wheel ATV.  I doubt that it would qualify as a car because of the open air configuration. 

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If it has four wheels it'll be considered a car by US DOT, EPA, and most states. That means it needs to meet safety and emissions standards for cars; it can't use HOV lanes, or enjoy many of the other benefits of a two- or three-wheeler. I know some EU countries treat 4-wheel ATVs differently from cars, and a few US states do as well (Montana is one), but I don't see the four-wheeled version being a viable product. The three wheeler could work though. 

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