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The MENU button doesn't work (2015 FJ-09) After Coming out of Winter Storage??


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Hi there, after letting the bike sit over the winter, I've started riding again. The weirdest thing has happened:

  • The MENU button/trigger (left handle bar cluster) doesn't work. So my right-hand screen menu won't cycle through the menus. It is stuck on the default (Coolant temperature, outside air temp, etc.)
  • The other thing that is odd is it seems the 12-Volt charger socket doesn't work either. I'm not good with wiring diagrams, so I have no clue if these 2 problems could be related.
  • The "Reset" button on the rectangular display does not work (but maybe that's because you can't 'reset' the Coolant temperature Menu screen! The Reset button might work if I were able to cycle through the different Menu screens; not sure yet. The "TCS" button directly above the "Reset" button does work.

The only thing I can think about is maybe some moisture got in somewhere it wasn't supposed to during the winter. The bike is in a semi-enclosed parking area, but anything is possible. I did a quick check and I do not see any loose cables and the rectangular display module seems intact with no damage. I don't notice any obvious 'leaks' around the display or the left handlebar cluster... but something is obviously not right. :(


I'd like to give it a shot at troubleshooting it, because I have a feeling it would be expensive to have a mechanic run diagnostics, since it seems to be an electrical problem.


Oh, and yes, I DID just install a new battery because the old one wouldn't hold enough charge to crank the engine. Otherwise, the bike runs fine. It started right up on the first try (I always keep the tank topped-off and use Yamaha fuel stabilizer in every tank. All the lights work, the other buttons work (even the buttons on the left-handlebar cluster, like the horn and turn signals work) the right-hand thumb button "MODE" works (selects A, STD, B modes)


Thanks in advance for any help and advice! :)

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On my 2015 i cycle through the screens with the rocker switch. The trigger is used to change what you see on the screen. Clock, order of  information, etc. 

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Let’s go Brandon

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Old thread and the OP vanished without a trace, but my educated guess would be corrosion in a connector.

If anyone else stumbles across this thread in the future, pull apart all the connectors leading up front and look for creepy green death and moisture.

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