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Electrical issues when battery drained out.


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I have a  stock 2017 Fj09. My battery slowly died out over a few days. It cranked less and less each day/didn't sound right but started the motorcycle until it didn't one morning. I charged it to get to work but had to jump start it to get home. I bought a new battery and the bike starts but when I turn on the ignition it doesn't make any electrical noise like the ignition is on like before. The cluster comes on like normal and the bike starts but I think something is wrong because there is no sound from the ignition. I am afraid this new battery will drain out too. I am looking for any sugestions of what I should be checking. Fuses for the ignition or battery? I don't know becuse it still starts after a few days but something is wrong. 

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If it was the original  2017 battery you just replaced I wouldn’t worry. 4 years ain’t bad on the factory battery. If she starts up and goes down the road  I doubt you have a problem. 

Let’s go Brandon

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