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    Both sides cracked. I ran the V=Stream tall touring for about 17K miles; lots of torque on the taller screen vs. the stock. Also the welder who repaired mine talked about the stress points on the factory stay bracket and how they should have wrapped the welding around the front further and supported it with a gusset. He charged me 20 bucks to weld it better than factory and I have since sold the bike. The front end felt tight again, but I imagine the bracket will crack again eventually.
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  3. After 2 1/2 years and 20K miles, I took my final ride and we parted ways around noon. I have several fond memories of my time spent with the trusty FJ-09 including a few multiday solo trips across or out of the country. Hopefully, the new owner will find the adventure and enjoyment I have experienced over the decades and appreciate the versatility and simplicity of the 900cc triple. Now I turn my attention to the challenges of adventure riding aboard a 2018 KTM 1090 Adventure R and the camaraderie of like-minded individuals of the Twin Cities Adventure Riders group. I wish all riders of this forum safe and happy travels and will miss reading the wide variety of posting and shenanigans I have come to enjoy over the last few years. Parting shots - warming up for the last ride and looking good, awaiting its next owner.
  4. Well, after three days of polishing, waxing, armor all-ing, and RRR of the headlight/instrument bracket, the bike looks practically new again except for a few love marks from the various roads and bugs that decided to leave their permanent mark. The new RS IIIs feel great and the bike is ready for the next adventure. Unfortunately, this will be with a new owner as I have made the move to an adventure bike while I am still young (49) and strong enough to handle such fun (or frustration). This was a fun bike to ride and it re-inspired me to enjoy motorcycling again after suffering through a boring sport bike for a few years. I managed to complete the Lake Superior Circle tour and also a 3250 mile trip to Boise Id. and back in nine days last year with the bike performing the solo runs flawlessly. Life has changed for me and I have chosen to seek adventure in my own backyard (state) with a few select out-of-state rides here and there. I have also joined an adventure riding group to be around more like-minded people as I miss the camaraderie of group rides. An interested buyer has offered $5K for my 2016 with 19,850mi. with the tall touring V-Stream windscreen, Givi crash bars, Fz-6 rubberized foot pegs, new tires, new-ish chain, Beak, and pre-wired for GPS/phone.
  5. All that stuff is out of my wife's suburban. She treats it like a storage closet. Then it ends up in my garage and she treats my garage like a storage closet. Big no no. Hard to work on the bike with all that crap that should NOT be there.
  6. I finally have time to give the bike the attention it needs. The windshield and instrument cluster had begun to shake late last year and I feared the support bracket was cracked; I was right. I knew the taller touring V-Stream would put some stress on the stock bracket as I regularly travel at 80mph + rain or shine. Going for the re-weld option as a neighbor is a fellow biker and professional welder. Tires were also shot but I managed to get 13K miles out of the front to two rears last season on RS IIs. The rear was cooked due mostly to commuting, unfortunately. I opted for a set of RS III as I have done very well on RS II in all weather and road conditions where I ride up here in MN. I will follow up with a posting of everything put back the way it should be and pics of the tire wear if anyone is interested. I doubt anyone will be fitting RS IIs as they are no longer being produced. The fairing bracket made it 16K miles with the tall touring windshield before corrosion at the weld and fatigue/cyclic stress caused its demise.
  7. I looked into tire options, bought a KTM 1090 Adventure R instead, got a stellar deal. Anyone who says the stock Dunlops do not stick should try riding on knobby tires on the street. The bike does very well on flat gravel but the suspension is really soft for anything more. I do not plan on conquering rocks the size of cars or anything, but some of the trail conditions I see people encounter would have the FJ buried in a second. Perhaps a set of TKC-80's would even things up a bit.
  8. I've been running the Shoei GT air for the last 2 seasons and as a whole, it is a decent helmet. I would like better airflow as I run most of the time with the visor cracked in the first detent. The fighter pilot style recessed tinted shield is great since I usually go into work when it is sunny and leave around midnight, plus I wear Rx glasses so this way I do not need to carry extra sunglasses; I already carry enough crap.
  9. Thought I might try a ride Tuesday or Wednesday this week, just looked at the weather and I think I'll l pass
  10. Went from a Kiwi S21 to an Arai James Adomo replica (got a super deal), then to the Shoei series. I have owned 2 RF1200's and felt they were probably the best helmets I have owned. At the time I was putting 12k miles a year on various sportbikes and they always did great rain or shine. My last Shoei had 56K miles on it and with the new FJ and a new job working days, nights, and afternoons, I opted for the GT Air. Love the integrated tinted fighter-pilot style tinted shield, but the ventilation stinks compared to other Shoei's I have owned. Funny thing, it performs better when riding a sportbike compared to the upright riding position of the FJ. Money no object, I would love the Hayden addition Arai. The visor-crack is a very important feature many people overlook. I basically ride with the thing cracked all the time unless it is raining or below 60 degrees F. Once the GT Air wears out, I will probably look at an adventure style rig; Shoei and Arai both make some nice helmets in that category.
  11. I commute almost every day about 25 miles one way, although I'm in the Dallas area and currently ride an ST1100. I too wear full gear, but I just wear my work clothes underneath and pull my gear off when I get into my office (cube). I keep a pair of work shoes in my cube. When leaving, I put all my gear on in my cube and walk out fully geared, sans helmet and gloves. My colleagues have gotten used to it. Back when I was an aircraft mechanic, I put 24K on a 2005 Yamaha FJR years back commuting to work; 60 miles round trip 5-6 days a week. My low-temperature limit for riding was 37 degrees due mainly to the excellent protection the bike offered. I walked in and out fully geared, minus the helmet. Now as a nurse, I still commute to work, the same routine except no freeway, just backroad highways, farms, lakes, and horses. Very enjoyable for the body and the mind.
  12. You definitely have some "tinkering" ahead of you of you're planning on using the FJ/Tracer regularly off road and in situations where dropping it is likely. No off-roading for the FJ, but the KTM 1090 adventure will surely see some action. For a while I owned a KLR 650 which I commuted on; it always felt like a big wobbly dirtbike. The KTM has surprisingly above average road manners, most likely due to the fully adjustable WP suspension.
  13. So far, only a few hundred miles before the weather ruined riding season here in the upper midwest, but the FJ feels like a "tinker toy" compared to the big beast. It is tall and heavy by comparison for sure and I do not look forward to dropping it on the trail (better hit the gym, haha). I am a fit 49 yo so hopefully with practice, things will be fun and enjoyable on and off-road.
  14. Did the same, picked up a 2018 1090 adventure R. What a world of difference between the suspensions. Going to try my hand at adventure riding next year.