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  1. Bought new in 2016. One owner. Only 2840 miles. Comes with: Standard Factory 3 power modes ABS brakes Traction Control Two Wheel Dyno flash for improved run quality. Future flashing performance upgrades are free of charge to new owner. Very nice to have available. Well known for their FJ calibrations. Terry's Custom Seat (very nice upgrade) V-Stream Touring Windshield (Stock Windscreen comes with bike also) Radiator Screen Mirror Extenders Grip Puppies Updated Clutch Cable Full Service Manual Synthetic oil after original break in Also have a heavy duty shop dolly that I'm including with it (still in box - was a gift that was never used - $120 value) Clear title. Bike is in show room condition. Not a scratch on it and it runs flawless. There are $1000 in extras listed above. $6500 cash only. If interested, call Rich at 810-623-4119 - if no answer, leave a message and I'll call you back asap.
  2. 2015 fjo9 bought new in 2016. 2850 miles in showroom condition! 1000 $ in extras . Asking 7500 Located in southeast Michigan.
  3. For sure. Has got to the same stuff available out there at a fraction of that
  4. Pulled it out of the heated shop and let her warm up outside for a bit and put her back away. Still winter here!
  5. 2012 Yamaha WR 450F..... yes I came from the dirt side. 45yrs in the dirt (56yrs young now)and competitive racing over all those years and never thought I would ever be on pavement until I took a fj09 for a spin.....
  6. Just returned from a week long trip all around the Gap and Cherahola skyway region and all around Fontana.... just amazing! Gods gift to all road bikers! A big thank you to Ben at Wheelers performance on M129 between Tapoco and Robinsville. I had a puncture in my rear tire that could not be fixed late Saturday night and he dropped what he was doing (after hrs) and put a new one on. Have shopped there before on previous trips and want to give this guy a two thumbs up! Its rare to get this kind of service these days. Thanks again Ben.
  7. Spent more time on my seat from Terry also.... I no longer look for that pain in the ...... to start bugging me! I now know I can ride just ride and not even think about how far! Thanks Terry and Deb ! the seat is working great.
  8. Have had My set back from Terry for several weeks now and really happy with the seat. Before if I rode 60 miles around these crappy Michigan roads I would be looking to jump off the poor stock seat... no kidding! A big deal for me as I was wondering how the heck I was even going to think about some 3, 5 and 7 hr trips I want to do ... major comfort now ! I went with the "grippy" type material and love it. Feel very planted on the bike. Between the seat and the new National V stream touring wind screen I cant believe the difference it has made..