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  1. I was surprised that my GT is off significantly as compared to my Montana 650 GPS. As much as 8 or 9 km at highway speed. I'm working with 12 o'clock labs to see if their speedo corrector will work with this bike. I'll post results.
  2. This is very interesting. I'm wondering if the same can be accomplished at the rear. I'm trying to come up with a solution for the GT that will allow for a clean tail tidy but keep the signals visible with the factory cases on. My current plan is to sort out a flush mounted signal on the outside of the case where the ugly factory reflector is and use a mag connect to run power to it. Two conductor mag connect is pretty common. Givi uses them. Three conductor or more are harder to come by. I'm curious if your results are a function on the lights you installed or something that could be replicated with other lights as well. Might be time for some experimentation.
  3. Just finished my install on my Tracer GT. I don’t believe there are any relevant differences that would effect your install. I used one of the accessory circuits in the front cluster area as the trigger since I had to run wiring tobthat area for the GPS and Heatroller. Youll want to pull the tank to get the wiring to and from the front. Easiest with an empty tank and 2 people. Don’t forget to install a fuse on the main input wire to the FZ1. This is to protect the foot or so of wire. Without it, a pinch or cut can cause an arc. You can get a convenient power and ground connection under that translucent cap just next to the fuse I installed so you don't have to complicate your battery connections.
  4. Not sure if they're priced any more attractively than the PIAA, but Denali has something that looks like it might work well. Available from site sponsor Twisted Throttle. https://denalielectronics.com/collections/led-drl-backup-lights/products/dnl-drl-10000-a
  5. These ones are at the top of my list. Fully programmable and 3 lens options. They have adapters and harnesses too. http://shop.12oclocklabs.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=38&product_id=150 I've used their products on other bikes with success. Not the cheapest option out there, but these guys really know their stuff.
  6. I went through the same process. As a fellow Canadian, I think black is the right choice. I'd rather be warm than cold is one reason. The other is trying to stay clean. Almost every rider I see with light or bright colours are grimy looking. Black won't be any cleaner, but it makes the dirt invisible. We find the same with our snowmobile gear. I agree that visibility is the trade off, but that can be addressed with lighting on your bike if that is a concern.
  7. Thanks for the pics. This is on my list. Has anyone had a close look at the one from Yamaha? It looks like more of an extension rather than a replacement. It's hard to tell what the net coverage is like though. Let us know how the PB one works. Now, go find some puddles.
  8. I inquired about the Evotech Tail Tidy from Motostarz fitting the GT with bags. I’m told it will. https://evotech-performance.com/products/yamaha-mt-09-tracer-abs-tail-tidy-2015-onwards That’s high on my list, along with these awesome signals from 12oclock: http://shop.12oclocklabs.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=38&product_id=150 Sadly it looks like we get the incandescent pumpkin lights here in Canada. Big question is do I get smoked or clear lenses.
  9. This is only a step up from anecdotal, but I inquired a received a response from Akropovic regarding exhaust for the GT. They assure me that the existing exhaust system offerings will fit even with the centre stand. If my GT would arrive, I might have the opportunity to verify that. ? From Akro: Confirmed system for mentioned bike will also fit on it. Only open version does not fit on models with central stand and it is therefore not confirmed for this bike. http://www.akrapovic.com/#!/motorcycle/products?brandId=41&modelId=745&yearId=4438&programId=1&phaseId=1 We have no information about lowered bikes, should be no bigger issue as with a stock system.
  10. Looks like the SW Rearbag to me. That’s the one I have my eye on.
  11. Thanks for the pics and explanation. Now all I need is for my dealer to get me a bike to buy so I can actually ride it instead of obsessively reading about it. Keep us posted on your experience with your GT.
  12. These things vary by country just to keep us confused. The Tracer GT is a 2019 in Canada. The Tracer 900 is a 2018. Previous to this most recent generation, it was just called the FJ09 here. We’re just seeing the GT at dealers this week.
  13. I think I’m second in line at Proline. Did they say if/when they have more coming?
  14. Awesome. Good to know that they're showing up in the prairies. What dealer did you get yours from?
  15. Looks like we have the GT in Canada. They’re starting to show up on Kijiji: https://www.kijiji.ca/v-sport-touring/city-of-toronto/2018-yamaha-mtt09dkg-v3231-no-payments-for-1-year/1367872716?utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=app_ios&utm_medium=social&utm_source=ios_social