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  1. The Worx Hydroshot is only about 300psi max with high and low pressure settings because it uses a battery instead of mains ,whereas something like the Karcher is about 1400psi so this is why I picked it, just to help get any winter muck off the downpipes and front of the engine
  2. I have just fitted the Yamaha MT09 adventure foot pegs, finally joy at last over the OEM alloy pegs which I think were more like from the R6. Wider and with the main rubber grip insert you notice the difference, only thing I noticed now was the rear brake pedal felt a little lower but that will easily be remedied
  3. Bing video Here is a video that as other details but also shows how to install a battery on a Tracer. I hope it helps
  4. Winter blues comes with winter crud from the road surfaces unless you live in the warm climates. What's your choice of cleaning the crud off your bike ?, mine is using the Worx Hydroshot with a camping 40ltr water barrel as I don't have direct access to a tap i can connect the hose to.
  5. I suppose it all depends on how much you want to spend
  6. Has anyone changed the original power socket for a KTM type which actually holds a charger plug in tight and will not vibrate out ?, at the moment I just duct tape my charger plug in into the socket
  7. Hi all. Just a simple question, how do you get onto your tracer🤔, what I mean is do you just have the side stand down and swing your right leg over or have the main stand down, climb on by using the footpeg then push forward off the stand.
  8. I have ordered the adventure footpegs from Yamabits, they sent me a picture of the assembly showing complete with all the fittings, cannot wait to fit them
  9. Don't go too mad on buying accessories or you might end up with a BMW. Screen, seat, luggage, rad guard and fender extenders main choice if touring
  10. Trail Footpegs - Motoplastic PUIG Trail Footpegs Has anyone seen or fitted these Puigs foot pegs yet ?
  11. When I finally wore out the original Dunlops I went onto Metzler Roadtec 1's, they seem to be a good all-round tyre that have been noted for excellent wet weather conditions, if you live in areas that get rain throughout the year
  12. How many riders never use the kill switch to stop the engine instead of just turning off the ignition by the key. When I was at college doing an evening class in motorcycle engineering this was a must by using the kill switch instead of the just using the key as this can bring on a number of faults within the ignition system, the kill switch is easier to get to than the key, especially on the Tracer 900
  13. Have you tried contacting any manufacturers that make skid plates
  14. The Yamaha adventure foot pegs, do they come complete with fixing pins and springs as it doesn't say on the website