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  1. EP Yamaha Tracer 900 GT Crash Bobbins 2018+ Evotech Performance Yamaha Tracer 900GT crash... Instructions on website I
  2. These are the Puma boots i wear
  3. I have one of these fitted to my 2017 Tracer since buying the bike from new and its still ok
  4. Speedo error reads about 55mph = 50mph and 100mph = 90mph in real world speed on the 2017 Tracer 900, this is when i compare to my Tomtom satnav
  5. Ashford, i sometimes go around that area when going to Rye or along the south coast, enjoy the ride once you get your new toy.
  6. Where i live in SE London it's mainly idiots with performance pipes on their cars that gurgle and pop when they race up to speed humps
  7. What about the rich prick arseholes who have performance exhausts on their sports cars, are they affected as well ????
  8. Hi Deb, which area of Kent are you from ?, i usually do most rides through Kent and East Sussex for a getaway from the big smoke
  9. Nice part of the country, enjoy the rides. I live in central London so the quicker I get out into the Kent countryside the better
  10. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Goodridge-Speed-Bleeder-Replaces-Existing-Bleed-Nipples-One-Way-Valve-/301071168659 Here is an example
  11. AutoGlym do a few different polishes for cars and bikes
  12. But expensive, there was another comment about the Puig motorised screen in this forum
  13. Not much difference from Tracer owners fitting Akrapovics