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  1. Ceramic coating and car wax on the outside and pinlock inside.
  2. Now with Shad SH35 cases they are very solid and nice looking but the problem is that I can't lock them. The key won't rotate. I don't know why...
  3. I'm not that sensitive! While I have to admit that my expectations was too high I don't think the belly pan is ugly. I thought the look will get much better but it is.... on the same level, just different
  4. I just made one in my garage. The cheapest one on internet would cost 60 euros (shipping included). I paid 20-25 euros for the parts... If you don't like the ideea you can check the link below. I think the shipping cost is 10 euros. TRACER 900/GT 2018 -2019 ...
  5. I'v painted the belly pan in the same colour as the gas tank. in the second picture the sun was very strong and the angle of the bash plate make it show a different colour (like the small part under the seat) but the colour is in fact the same as the OEM colour.
  6. You guys are referring to the GT as the one with the longer wheelbase but all Tracers 900 from 2018 (GT or not) have the same longer swing arm, right?
  7. I would say the touring screen from Yamaha, heated grips, aux. lights, cruise control/ throttle lock and radiator protection. Check out my mods:
  8. I think it is a 30V lightbar, right? In tis case it draws 2.5 Amps which is pretty low.
  9. I have the Givi but on a 2018 model. It feels sturdy, it covers a lot and it has 4 mounting points.
  10. This thing Rörfäste | Vinklingsbart | HAMRON | Jula ... I think I used the 50mm one. As you can see it is articulated, easyer to level. So the led bar is atached to the fork!
  11. The Shad top box rack is on! This thing is so heavy! 4550g (10lbs)! I am sure I can seat on it without any problems. I can not understand why it has to be so heavy. The same with the Givi rear spray guard. Now I realise that I added 18kg (40lbs) to the bike with all the accesories 😣 It is easy to remove the rack. Just unscrew two screws on the left mount, two on the right and two on top. No need to take anything else apart, no need to remove the saddle. 20191109 163248 — Postimage.org And here a shot clip with the install steps.