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  1. I was in the same dilemma a few months ago and decided on the base model. The reason being is I ride for pleasure and only do a few big trips a year so didn't think I would benefit from cruise control. The panniers look great but as they wont hold a helmet I thought I would go for the Yamaha rack and topbox. Suspension is upgraded and there is a quick shifter on the GT but what I haven't tried I wont miss. I have also fitted oxford advanced hotgrips which were £63 as opposed to £170 for the Yamaha ones. So I am happy with my choice and don't regret buying the base model.
  2. It's a shame Yamaha don't make an under cowl like the one I had on my Suzuki Vstrom 650. That did a great job of keeping the muck off the engine and exhaust header.
  3. R&G fender extender extender fitted today. Decided to use epoxy glue instead of the rivits. Very please with the result and it should save the headers and radiator.
  4. Fitted a speedo angles screen protector to the dash. Once the screen was completely clean it was very easy to fit and should stop all those tiny scratches.
  5. Received a set of these bars today. Looks like Givi are now supplying 8.8 grade black bolts.
  6. Fitted a few bits tonight. Givi tank ring for tank bag, R&G bar ends and front and rear wheel sliders. Now I just needed some heated grips and some crash bars and I am good to go.
  7. Great, thanks for your help. I will get one ordered today.
  8. Iooks alot better without the rivits. I used 3m tape on my last bikes fender extender. Luckily I wasn't riding too fast when if came unstuck. Just looked at the R&G website and they don't list one for the tracer 900. Am I right in thinking an mt09 fender extender is compatible ?
  9. Thanks for the info and the photos help 👍. The R&G one definitely looks longer than the Puig and Pyramid fender extender.
  10. Hi, can anyone recommend a front fender extender for a 2020 Tracer 900. I am thinking I want the longest one available to reduce the road spray.
  11. HI all, I have just purchased a 2020 Tracer 900. This will be bike number 10 and I hope it's a keeper.