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  1. What am i like thinking the chain will tighten when its hot 🤪. Thanks for replies everyone.
  2. Hi All, Yesterday i adjusted my chain cold to 35mm. I went for a ride and noticed lots of vibration on the feet when changing gear. I went home and adjusted it to 45mm and all now ok. My thinking is that even at 35mm the chain will tighten when it gets hot. Just thought i would mention this if people are experiencing vibes in the foot pegs and gear leaver.
  3. I have also fitted the R&G extended and was concerned at how close it was to the tyre. I haven't had an issue with it and used epoxy glue to fit it instead of the sticky pads and screws. I took the whole fender off the bike and clamped the two parts together while the glue was going off. This was you can make sure the fender extender is perfectly straight.
  4. I also had to travel to get a good deal on the same bike here in the UK. Enjoy the bike, its one of the best i have owned.
  5. I finally fitted the Givi engine guards. I ended up buying a full set of replacement bolts as the ones supplied looked to be low quality and had damaged threads. I am happy with the install, but did find the lower bolt a pain. I ended up supporting the bike from above so no weight was on the side or centre stand.
  6. Thanks, i have looked at all the other brands of rack and the Yamaha does look the best option. The Givi and Shad all require alot of parts to be fitted. Having had Givi racks before it wont been too long before all that steelwork is rusty. The Hepco and Becker rack looks like it fits well but its about twice the price. Going to go with the Yamaha rack and 39L box. 👍
  7. Hi, I am looking to get a top box for my 2019 Tracer 900. I like the look of the Yamaha rack and the way it fits. Does anyone know if its compatible with other top boxes ? Looking at the pictures it looks similar to the Shad mount.
  8. Same happened to me today. The first i knew of it was when i indicated to turn right, no light on the display or indicator. I parked up and turned the bike off and back on again and all ok now. I guess i will need to check the indicators are working when i set off.
  9. I have just fitted the Oxford Advanced Adventure Hotgrips. They are pretty easy to fit on the bars but wiring back to the battery took a while. They are great grips and I have had them on a few other bikes. They are great quality and get very hot. I like that they will switch off when they sense the engine is off. At £65 they are £110 cheaper than the Yamaha grips.
  10. I was in the same dilemma a few months ago and decided on the base model. The reason being is I ride for pleasure and only do a few big trips a year so didn't think I would benefit from cruise control. The panniers look great but as they wont hold a helmet I thought I would go for the Yamaha rack and topbox. Suspension is upgraded and there is a quick shifter on the GT but what I haven't tried I wont miss. I have also fitted oxford advanced hotgrips which were £63 as opposed to £170 for the Yamaha ones. So I am happy with my choice and don't regret buying the base model.
  11. It's a shame Yamaha don't make an under cowl like the one I had on my Suzuki Vstrom 650. That did a great job of keeping the muck off the engine and exhaust header.
  12. R&G fender extender extender fitted today. Decided to use epoxy glue instead of the rivits. Very please with the result and it should save the headers and radiator.
  13. Fitted a speedo angles screen protector to the dash. Once the screen was completely clean it was very easy to fit and should stop all those tiny scratches.