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  1. Where did you get the highway pegs? More accurately, where did you get the mounts?
  2. It looks like a muppet character if you ask me. MO.
  3. This is the pump I carry. Gonna look into the Nealey kit. CyclePump EXPEDITION Tire Inflator - Best Rest Products CyclePump® EXPEDITION Tire Inflator Here at BestRest we've made a...
  4. That’s right. I remember reading that. Install wasn’t too bad?
  5. Oh, and another thing. The shock in my cart at revzilla is a 2019 version and it says it doesn’t fit the 2020. That’s not correct, right? The bikes are same save the color, right?
  6. Do either of you @1moreroad @piotrek have the k-tech? Do you like?
  7. I’m looking at buying this K-Tech shock but I have a question about the spring rate. I weigh ~195 without gear. Is it a safe bet to go with the 200-250lb spring? What if I lose 20lbs (unlikely, but what if), would I have to then go with the lower range spring. Sorry, I’m really not good with the suspension black arts.
  8. Hi everyone! Has anyone just changed the springs in the front and back to match their respective weight and been satisfied with just doing that. I lean towards 195lbs without gear and plan on taking some road trips with gear loaded and don’t think the current spring rate is sufficient. I also don’t believe with my riding style that I need some high zoot suspension set up. I’ve never ridden with anything but stock suspension so maybe it’s good that I don’t know what I’m missing.