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AVDB Moto levers

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I got these installed today and they seem to have more movement than the stock levers. I don't know if that's normal but they wiggle quite a bit on both sides. If I tighten the clutch side strongly, the clutch doesn't work properly (with bike off). I can't tighten the brake side anymore.

Anyway, just curious if this is normal for those of you who installed these or if it's from something I've done? Since these don't come with instructions, I just removed the screw/bolt on each side and reinstalled making sure the brake side "part" went into the hole on the new lever. I also made sure the clutch side hits the little switch, which i assume is for cruise control. They are of good quality and look great, but they move around too much for me.


Any help from the pro's is appreciated.




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What kind of movement are you talking about?  

I've found most aftermarket levers do have a little more play, but I assume that's a byproduct of the quick adjustment feature (slightly loose tolerances=easier/quicker adjustment).  Most of mine have been easily adjustable when riding, try that with the stock adjustable brake lever, lol. 

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I think I’m good now. I installed these in my garage when it was 92F. Looking at them today, they seem to have less wiggle room so I’m happy. 

Is it normal to hear the clutch cable make noise when pulling in the clutch?


these are beautiful 





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Zero play of any kind from mine, they are tighter spec than the OEM were IMHO. I also don't have any unusual noise or feeling from my clutch lever, the difference between these and OEM is superior in every single way.

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