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use of thread mounts on upper handle holders on steering


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Part No. 10 and 11 (holder handle upper) have both on the front downside a thread mount. This allows to fix something with bolts.
Did someone already use these to fix something? For example a holder for smartphone?
Are there parts/accessories ready/available to be fixed this way?
Givi has a part S901A http://www.givi.de/zweiradzubehor/Accessories/S901A to be mounted on the upper side.
Does exist a similar part to be mounted on the downside thread mounts?
According to Yamaha these thread mounts are for mounting optional accessories.
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I don't see that on the Givi website for English speakers, but your link to the German site does work. There are similar unused but threaded mounts on the front side of the triple clamps. Yamaha's accessory website offers no clues. Both of them seem like dandy opportunities for a gimbal mounted cocktail holder, pill counting tray, watch repair pad or change tray. Amazing that no one has apparently taken advantage of the opportunity.
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