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Hello from Louisiana


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Nice, welcome Lather! Glad to see you on the lighter side with that nice Tracer!

Of course I remember you from the COG forums as I still own my C14 and read many helpful threads from you and others. But I think this will be my last year with it as I agree having something lighter and maneuverable is so much easier. After the COG National Rally in OR I will be selling her.


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Thanks to everyone for the welcomes! Yes, I am still on the COG forum trying to sell off  a bunch of spare parts and farkles to help pay for all the stuff I'm ordering for the Tracer🤑

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Welome and good choice on the bike.  Think the Tracer is a great choice with good power and not too much weight. C14 is a great bike but has some heft.  Most of the time where I ride isn't too bad but occasionally find myself in a spot where any more weight would be difficult.

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