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Chain slider part number?

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My bike is just about at 21,000 miles, and I've noticed that the sacrificial slider on the top of the swingarm is definitely worn a bit. I want to replace it, but can not find the OEM part number on Partzilla or anywhere else.


Is there a part number for it even, or is it just part of the swingarm assembly? Aftermarket options?

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Just curious, how did you manage to wear yours out in only 21,000 miles? 

Mine shows very little wear at 74,000 miles.

FJ09 - 1RC-22151-00-00  Seal, Guard

Tracer 900 - B5C-22151-00-00  Seal, Guard

On the Parts Fiche its listed under "Rear Arm"


***2015 Candy Red FJ-09***

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Well, after looking at a brand new one (thanks to the part number) it seems as if mine is actually doing fine. It just has some wear on the leading edge where the plates have made contact when the chain bites it, but the actual ramp that the rollers would touch looks fine.

Still, for $14 I'll order a spare just to have it but also keep a better eye on my chain slack

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