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Best format, and way to buy a Service manual - your input needed please !


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Hi, I don't want a service manual in Spanish, the Haynes ones just aren't any good anymore (the last 43years) I don't want to be ripped off, and although I am sure there are very many fine copies out there, there is just too much potential for screw ups.

Can you point me in the right direction please - good places to buy etc

Thank you

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I bought a copy in a ring binder off the web. For me if I'm not sure what I'm doing it's best to copy appropiate pages along with torque values and file along with my mntc record of what I did. Muvh better for me than flipping thru pgs on an Ipad or lap top. FWIW.

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i'm going to look for that. An indexed PDF is so much more convenient than a prented manual.

Back in April when I bought my T9GT I could not find one online!


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