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Just bought a new Tracer 9 GT


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Hi, Had my Tracer 900 GT for 5 years and 23,000 miles. At 77 years old thought hard about my last sports touring bike as my partner is small and 74. And we go all over together mainly to race meetings. But as I have a bike for 5 years I will be 82 when I retire from fast biking.

I have been a pain in the backside to all my local Bike Dealers testing 5 different bikes more than once each Ducati, Triumph, B.M.W, Kawasaki and Yamaha. It had to be right this time for both of us.  Bought a New Tracer 9 GT.  Will have to change the Screen, and fit a lowering suspension kit. LOVE the bike ..... but now have to wear glasses and don't like the clocks they are to small and I could change the background to White on my 900 GT as well.  To much High Tec for me on New bikes now days.  Wish they also did a lower rider seat like I had on my 900GT. Which do 9 GT owners prefer on the suspension 1 or 2 setting. And does anybody know if there is a larger foot plate to fit on the side stand like I had on my 900 GT, they only list them for Tracer 2015 to 2020 ?  I haven't got the bike yet until next week. This has been a great Forum for my 900 GT, hope it stays the same for my 2023 9 GT.  Thank you all.

Cheers Edgar Jessop. 

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I would be worried about hitting the exhaust (all under the bike) by lowering it. It's a bit higher than my last bike, can't flat foot both feet at the same time on the Tracer, but I knew that going into it. Have you looked at height increasing boots like the Chippewa logger boots? I don't ride with a passenger so can't comment on how much of an issue it is not being able to flat foot both feet but I'd imagine the extra weight of a passenger could increase sag enough so I actually could

I think there's no lower seat available because with the stock seat at it's lowest setting there's not much more to go down without getting a hard plastic seat with no foam at all.

Before choosing the Tracer I really wanted to get a BMW S1000XR but ultimately it was too tall for me, I know BMW offers it in a "lowered" version but I had heard of people bottoming it on speed bumps and transitions from hills to flat pavement. Ultimately chose the Tracer as it just fit me better.

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Edgar, hearing alot of great things about the 900GT. Is it a Triumph? If so where are they made? I am debating about a BMW 1250 RT or a Tracer 9 GT+. I like riding upright and most of the time I'm doing solos. 


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