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Tracer 900/900 GT Touring seat and Givi top case mounting rack.

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28 minutes ago, larolco said:

Verdict is in: Bike is a "total loss". 

I can buy it back for salvage if I want but I'm not sure I want. 

To get it ridable and inspection worthy, it needs left-side engine case cover and plug, left-side front end plastics, turn signal, all kinds of headlight assembly plastics, headlight assembly mounting bracket, windshield, handguards, right-side foot pegs, pannier mount, exhaust guard, plus inspection. And it still wouldn't be pretty and would have a salvage title. 

I'm leaning towards just taking the cash and going shopping.

If the insurance company is willing to give you a settlement check, I see no reason to put time, effort and money into refurbishing it and still have a salvage title, take the money and leave the headache behind.  If you are still injured, you have all winter to heal up and 'window shop' on the internet.

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***2015 Candy Red FJ-09***

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