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Jays 2019 Tracer 900GT - Build Log


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The Bike - 2019 Tracer 900 GT. 

Ownership - 2nd owner (purchased as rebuilt title due to cosmetic damage) KM at purchase = 6889. Grey/white/red colorway. KM at time of posting - 39846

Upgrades to date since ownership of October 2021.

1. ECU Tune

2. Yamaha OEM comfort seats (front and rear)

3. Delkevic full system 13" tri-oval exhaust found here (sounds bloody amazing!):


4. Knock off FJR Pegs from the amazon. Great upgrade!

5. OEM Luggage rack with 39L and 50 L rear top cases

6. OEM FJR 1300 panniers for added space for 2 up travels with wifey!

7. Nitron R3 rear shock with additional remote preload adjuster

8. All red color decals removed

9. Arashi front brake rotors with EBC HH pads front and rear (oem warped pretty quick) probably from misuse of the previous owner.

10. Amazon radiator guard 

12. TST Industries adjustable flasher relay found here:


13. Pazzo Racing long length non folding levers (black with titanium adjusters) found here:


14. Acelane Motorcycle Indicator Lights Flowing LED Turn Signal Lights (cheap to replace if they go bust or break and the sweep is pretty slick) these are also integrated into the rear brake light, without resistors:


15. Nitron TVT25 front fork cartriges w/Nitron synthetic fork oil as recommended

16. Michelin Road 6 tires. Set 1 went for about 33000km so I just got a second set at I find them outstanding! Installing after wheels back from powder coat.

17. Wheels were damaged by someone who will remain un-named while changing tires. Don't ask. They are out getting repaired and powder coated. Color will match the valve and case cover (soft rubbed bronze). I ordered swatches from Prismatic Powders and in the sunlight it appeared that the closest match was this:



Now I am not done with upgrades on this machine and more will follow. What I a not sure yet....

Photo dump soon as they are on my phone.... Updates to come. 


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Nice upgrades.  The cheap Ebay FJR footpegs are huge bang for the buck.  When it comes time for new brake pads I highly recommend Vesrah.  Expensive but worth every penny.

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There is nothing like spending a day riding with friends in the grip of a shared obsession.

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12 hours ago, Infinity99 said:

7. Nitron R3 rear shock with additional remote preload adjuster

15. Nitron TVT25 front fork cartriges w/Nitron synthetic fork oil as recommended


***2015 Candy Red FJ-09***

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