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FJ-09 Needs a Radiator Guard!

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Yamaha shows a different part # for the radiator on the FJ and FZ, but from the parts drawing they look the same?
I'll send a message to COX Racing to see if they have been able to fit a radiator guard on an FJ yet.
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I spoke to Andrew at Cox Racing yesterday.  He says that his guard for the FZ fits the FJ.  He just hasn't updated the website yet.   
Received an e-mail from Andrew a short time ago with the same response!  (Was surprised to see that on New Year's Day!)
I have a COX guard on my FJR and it is very well made, highly recommend their product!
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Prior to installing the COX guard on my FJR, I took some black window screen and using black cable ties to attach it on the front of the guard to keep insects and other debris from getting wedged into the radiator fins.
Hasn't affected cooling and I just wipe across the screen with a rag or toothbrush to remove any debris/insects, etc.
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Just made my order for the Red Radiator Guard from http://www.coxracingroup.com/ guy named Andrew. After my order he had my shipping tracking sent to me within 15 minutes. Fast promt service !
After looking at multiple pics of the red it looks as though it will match the red of the bike well. Send pics when installed
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