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Difference between Tracer 9 GT+ 2023 and 2024


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Hi, I am interested in the GT+ 2024, but came across a good conditioned GT+ 2023 model. I'm looking for information to check if there are any notable updates/upgrades between the 2023 and 2024 models, and if yes, what do they consist of, and what do they improve in reality? Thanks. 

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In North America, Yamaha didn't release a 2023 model, so the only thing we have to compare is 2022 and 2024 models which are GT vs. GT+.  We also don't get the lower spec Tracer, we only got the GT for '21-'22 and the GT+ for 2024 (I believe Europe gets 3 different Tracer models).

To the best of my knowledge if its a + model then it gets the adaptive cruise control, radar-linked unified braking system, new larger TFT screen and handlebar switchgear (plus other electronic upgrades).  Some countries may have released that version as a 2023 model.

It gets confusing when discussing this bike on an international forum as North America got an FJ09 for '15-'17 while the rest of the world called it an MT09 Tracer, the FZ09 got renamed to MT09 and the FJ09 became the Tracer, we didn't get a 2018 model at all while the rest of the world got a base Tracer and GT model, in 2019 we got a Tracer and GT like the rest of the world and then from 2020 we only got the GT until this new GT+ for 2024. 

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***2015 Candy Red FJ-09***

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