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Panels, battery, fork assy, tail light & sprocket cover

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After several upgrades/projects attempts, I do have for sale the below items. Prices do not include shipping (but I'm able to get some pretty competitive rates for UPS/USPS).

Payment by PayPal Friends&Family/Zelle has 0 fees, regular PayPal adds 3.5%


1. Brand new (orange) left/right panels (Tracer 900 GT 2020 model - PN B5C-2835U-00-P5/B5C-2835V-00-P5) - $100

2. Band new (sealed) Yuasa YTZ10S battery - $100

3. Front OEM fork assy (L+R) and springs for 2019 Yamaha Tracer 900, used for only 600 miles (like new) - $250

Yamaha OEM PNs: B5C-23103-00-00 + 2SC-23102-40-00 + 2PP-23141-00-00 + 4EB-23144-00-00 + 4EB-23145-01-00

4. Yamaha OEM tail light for FJ-09 and Tracer 900/GT, like new- $35

Yamaha OEM PN: 2PP-84700-00-00

5. Yamaha FJ-09/MT-09/XSR900/Tracer 900/GT sprocket panel cover, like new - $15


If any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me!










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Not sure if shipping for the Yuasa would make it work it but I'm at 60076

It's looks like it's been prefilled?  How does that work with shipping and of course how fresh is it?  Unusual too see a MIN (Made In Nippon) battery here.

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Battery was bought off Amazon some 3 weeks ago, but then I decided to go with a LiFePO4 one, as I had a deal on it - I have not touched it, it's prefilled, as sold by Yuasa/merchant. I paid around $250 (taxes included).

I can ship it to you by UPS for as low as $15, just let me know.

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The merchant will cover the warranty, that is for sure - and Amazon will help with it, if needed, 100%.

As for the price I paid, my loss is your gain, I guess...should I understand you are interested in the battery?

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